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Music – Creative Curriculum Development at Crossacres Primary Academy

Crossacres Primary Academy is a larger than average primary school in Wythenshawe, Manchester. 


Jo Buckler (Music Curriculum Leader, One Education Music) visited the school in response to a request to help develop a cross-curriculum music scheme and to support staff in delivering high quality curriculum music lessons. Many new teachers lacked the confidence to teach their own music lessons. There were also differing skills sets and confidence levels among the teachers which had to be taken into account when planning and delivering the training.


The initial school engagement visit looked at features of good music provision including singing in school, instrumental tuition, curriculum music, ensembles, enrichment activities and music technology. This music health check required an honest conversation based on self-evaluation and reflection in order to enable the subject leader to develop an action plan.

The music co-ordinator shared the outcomes with the school leadership team who agreed with the identified priorities and supported the subsequent programme. A timetable was put in place, delivering demonstration lessons to every class on a fortnightly basis, allowing for teachers to teach their own classes on alternate weeks and to develop their own skills. Two staff meetings were planned: one at the beginning of the training and one for half way through the training to assess and monitor the process. It was agreed that cross-curricular planning, bespoke to the school would be provided, which would enable the class teachers to continue to teach music after the training period had come to an end.


The training ensured that a well-resourced music area in the school was created, with every class teacher from nursery through to year 6 having the confidence and skills to deliver their own weekly music lessons. The school was also left with bespoke cross-curricular planning for each year group. Support to the school remains in the weekly instrumental tuition in place provided by One Education Music and also by the termly networking meetings which music coordinators are invited to. 

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