Penalty notices

How we supported Trinity High School

Trinity CE High School in Manchester identified that they needed to introduce penalty notices for attendance to ensure that their practice included all the measures available to them to support and encourage pupils to be in school and to enable them to use legislation where appropriate.


One Education were already supporting school with their attendance strategy and family casework and the attendance adviser was approached by the deputy head to work alongside him to introduce penalty notices into the school attendance policy. This involved identifying where this statutory action would be effective and appropriate in their work to support families and presenting the proposal to the governing body.


The school community, their patterns of absence and the model of interventions were assessed and reviewed. The school attendance policy and all supporting documentation were updated and discussions took place with school staff to explain the rationale of both support and challenge which underpinned the introduction of this sanction. The proposals were presented to the governing body and adopted.


Interventions to support attendance included the use of warning letters and penalty notice action from the beginning of the next academic year. Measures were put into place to monitor attendance following letters and penalty notices being issued. A review of the procedure has shown that pupils’ attendance is improving after a warning letter has been sent and that the importance of regular attendance has been reinforced to the school community as a whole.