Gender Pay Gap

Gender Pay Gap

Our Statement

According to the November 2016 Office of National Statistics (ONS) Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings, the mean gender pay gap for the whole economy is 17.5% and the median gender pay gap 19.2%. Given that One Education’s median pay gap for the snapshot date of 31 March 2017 is 0.0%, we are pleased to confirm that there is no gender pay gap.

The mean bonus pay gap of 1918.3% results form a very low number of staff eligible who could potentially receive a bonus payment. The operation of performance related bonus plans within One Education is subject to clearly documented principles and targets to ensure fairness and transparency in terms of how they are operated.

Although the results of One Education’s gender pay gap analysis are positive, One Education will not become complacent but will keep performance in this area under ongoing review and seek to continuously improve the experience of all staff in respect of equality, diversity and inclusion.

I confirm that the information presented in this statement is an accurate reporting of One Education’s gender pay gap.

Stuart Fern LLB FCCA

Financial Director

March 2018

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