Supporting Education Research

Working with CMRE

One Education strives to support schools by delivering measurable pupil interventions and outstanding leadership support.

We believe that making good on this commitment demands a close relationship with research and evidence; learning about what works to develop thinking and improvement.

We are in a unique position due to our day-to-day experience across a wide range and number of schools to not only listen and respond to the schools we work with, but also to inform and influence the education landscape. Having a presence at the forefront of education policy change demands a close relationship with research and evidence; learning about what works to develop thinking and improvement. Our sponsorship of research develops our identity as influencers of education policy and practice.

For the past two years, among other research interests, we have been working with the Centre for the Study of Market Reform of Education (CMRE) to understand the implications, and in accordance with their research findings, influence the direction of, present and future education reform.

CMRE is an international education policy think tank which, based on rigorous economic research, seeks to advance policies that will improve the quality and efficiency of education services; achieve optimal outcomes for young people; and maximise the benefits of education to society as a whole.

Our journey with CMRE

The Centre runs a variety of stakeholder engagement projects to inform its research, and organises forums and events to present its work and engage the public in the policy debate. A regular contributor to one such forum, our CEO, Kieran McDermott, discerned a clear alignment of values with CMRE around high quality, evidence-based education.

Sponsoring Education Research

One Education took the decision to sponsor CMRE’s next research report, launched in June 2016 as 'Taking a lead: how to access the leadership premium'. Authored by the Centre’s Executive Director, James Croft, the paper reviewed the field of school leadership studies. One of the most challenging findings of the paper was that despite a massive literature that has built up around the subject, in terms of what leadership looks like, how to develop leadership and critically, how it contributes to school improvement, there’s little consensus and still less evidence we can rely on.

Kieran McDermott CEO, One Education

Effective education system design and policy formation can and should be built on hard, high quality evidence from research. Where such evidence is lacking, we need to be transparent about the limitations of what we know. Research internationally suggests that mission and goal setting, decisions related to the setting of the curriculum and pedagogy, and the provision of instructional guidance for teachers, are important means by which leaders exercise their influence. How leaders motivate staff also appears important for raising academic achievement. In more autonomous school contexts the importance of leadership in these areas is accentuated.

CMRE’s paper advocates a greater level of professional humility from those entrusted with school leadership and those taking forward system change alike. It also calls for a renewed commitment to developing the teaching profession’s common body of knowledge based on evidence that can be relied upon.

James Croft on 'Taking a Lead'

Download 'Taking a Lead'

One Education has always supported groups of schools and MATs in evidencing what works and helping them to embed effective practice. From what we have seen and heard since we started to look at this question, we have now committed to making the case for a more evidence-based policy landscape.

Optimising Autonomy

Continuing our support of education research and debate, we are proud to announce that we are sponsoring a further paper from CMRE, ‘Optimising autonomy: a blueprint for system reform’, considering whether the balance between autonomy and accountability is right.

As part of the research for this report, CMRE have held roundtable discussions throughout November to discuss the government’s 'Schools that work for everyone' Green Paper consultation proposals.

Receive a copy of the paper

We will be hosting a presentation in Manchester, sharing preliminary findings, and providing an opportunity for school leaders to discuss and feed back ahead of the report launch in April.

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