What’s new in SIMS 7

What’s new in SIMS 7 (and how to access them)

Pupil/Student Teacher View

It is possible to personalise the Pupil/Student Teacher view by including additional Pupil/Student information from the Student List.

Firstly click on Reports | Student List | General Student List drag and drop the fields that you would like available to view on your homepage.

Click on Tools | Setups | Pupil/student Teacher view. In panel 4 Widgets click on the Student List Report to include on your home page.

Click on Focus | Pupil/student | Pupil/student Teacher view – locate a student and under the “Use configuration to select a Student list Report” click on the drop down to configure and choose the student list report that you designed. The fields that you selected in your report will be displayed in the widget.

Assessment Marksheets

It is now possible to add aspects in panel 2 “Template Columns” in the exact place where you would like them to appear in your Marksheet. Highlight the column/aspect where you would like the aspect to appear on the marksheet and then click “New Above” – continue to follow the process to add aspects and the additional column will appear in the correct place.


Bulk Student/Staff record deletion will be included in the summer release. Schools will be able to delete outdated data in accordance with their Data Retention Policy.

Parent App Lite

SIMS Parent App Lite is included in your SIMS annual entitlement fee and is an effective way of securely collecting pupil data from parents. The help desk staff at One Education have managed to onboard most of our schools and invitations to many school administrators have already been sent out. Parent App Lite provides a convenient, on the move, solution for parents to manage changes to their child’s data as it is available on iOS, Android and a browser. This is a cost effective way of maintaining accurate data in compliance with the GDPR requirement and will also ensure the accuracy of your data when migrating across to SIMS Primary. When a parent submits a change request emails are automatically sent to nominated administrators. Paper requests are eliminated and returns are easily tracked through an audit trail.

The full version of SIMS Parent App is available should schools wish to upgrade. Parents will be able to monitor their child’s attendance, check school reports, conduct, homework, school activities and timetables.

The SIMS Conference 2018 is a great opportunity to find out more about these new products.