Who must completed self-assessments be submitted to?

Who must completed self-assessments be submitted to?

You should submit completed and signed self-assessments preferably by email, or by post or fax, to the Council’s Internal Audit Team at the following addresses:

E-mail:  p.scheel@manchester.gov.uk

Post:     Phoebe Scheel, Audit & Risk Management, PO Box 532, Town Hall, Manchester, M60 2LA

Fax:      0161 274 0019

Fax submissions - please notify the audit team prior to sending faxes so that they can expect them and follow up if they are not received. Include a header sheet addressed to Phoebe Scheel, Audit and Risk Management. 

Postal submissions - please ensure you post in sufficient time to reach them by the deadline.

If you need further advice or guidance on SFVS, please contact your designated Support Officer or One Education Schools Finance Team on 0844 967 1111.  Or alternatively please visit the Education Funding Agency’s webpage here