Conference Workshops

SEND Conference Workshops

Our 2018 SEND Conference offers a range of workshops to support you in meeting the needs of children within your setting:

Workshop A - The Piper Model in Action

Dennis Piper, Teacher and author

In this workshop, Dennis will provide participants with the knowledge, skills and materials necessary to complete personalised interventions for pupils in distress and assist schools in moving from BESD to SEMH. 

Workshop B - Universal classroom provision for SEND - making learning accessible

Alison Wilcox, Head of Education, Nasen

This session will consider the following key questions:

  • What do we mean by universal classroom provision for SEND? Why is it important?
  • Is learning accessible to all? Why does this matter?
  • How can universal classroom provision for SEND be developed?

Workshop C - Introduction to dyscalculia

Paul Gee, Specialist dyslexia teacher

Dyscalculia is a specific learning difficulty related to a learner's ability to comprehend and use mathematical concepts. Though many schools have a good understanding of the nature of dyslexia, dyscalculia is often overlooked. So what exactly is dyscalculia, how can it be identified and what strategies support dyscalculic pupils?

Workshop D - Small changes big difference

Diane Moat, Specialist dyslexia teacher

This practical workshop will explore how SENDCos can help their staff to more effectively employ strategies and personalised approaches for supporting children with SEND in the classroom.

Workshop E - Working with parents

Julie Brown, Audrey Johnson, Educational psychologists

This workshop will look at how to best involve parents in their child's learning, parental engagement, having those tricky conversations and developing an understanding of best practice. 

Workshop F - Making case studies work

Helen Marriott, Lynne Swindlehurst, SEND specialists

A practical session on how to write case studies using real examples and sharing a proven template. The workshop will look at how case studies can be used to support your role within school.

Workshop G - Making reading accessible for all

Laura Lodge, Literacy consultant

This workshop will discuss the latest research on reading for pupils with SEND and how to apply current thinking to teaching and learning. Delegates will leave with a wide range of practical strategies and ideas to develop the reading skills of pupils with SEND across the curriculum. 

Workshop H - An introduction to Polkadots

Jo Buckler, Music consultant

Polkadots is an approach to delivering progressive and engaging music and multi-sensory sessions to young children. It can be used as an intervention to support language, behaviour, turn talking, listening and social skills. This hands on session will give you lots of ideas to take back to your setting.

Workshop I - Creativity, trauma & attachment

Deirdre McConnell, Emotional trauma support specialist

Using experiential creative exercises, this workshop will explore the relationships between creativity, trauma and attachment. It will explain the underpinnings of attachment theory and show what good and bad attachment looks. This session will explore the idea of traumatisation as a result of poor or interrupted attachment and also consider how creativity - an innate human characteristic - can work as a helpful antidote to this kind of trauma experienced by some children and young people. 

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