End of Key Stage Reports for Parents in Arbor and SIMS

We wish you all the best for the last half term of the school year! Please keep checking your emails for all updates and events for MIS Support.

By Syeda Rahman on 06 Jun 2022

We saw the return of all End of Key Statutory Assessments this year since Summer 2019. They are:

  • EYFS Revised Profile
  • Phonics screening check
  • End of KS1 and KS2 assessments (including tests and teacher assessment)
  • Year 4 multiplication tables check

Despite the fact that the children have missed significant portions of their education, the assessments are seen as critical in determining the impact of coronavirus on this cohort.

As the teaching staff will sigh with relief, having completed the assessments. It is now a very busy half term for the administrative team in schools to return the data to the LA and DfE.

We delivered a webinar last month to cover key dates for data returns, who to include in you return for all Key stage Statutory assessments and any changes since 2019 that schools need to made aware of.

If you missed the webinar, please feel free to watch a recording of this in our Media Gallery.

The statutory guidance states the following: Reports for pupils must also include the results of any national curriculum assessments the pupil has undertaken. This includes the phonics screening check and the multiplication tables check. Reports for pupils at the end of key stage 1 (KS1) and key stage 2 (KS2) must also include the outcomes of the relevant assessments. Source

Therefore, in this blog I will be focusing on how you can produce reports for the key stage assessments in SIMS and Arbor to send to parents and guardians.


Once you have completed entering all the data in their respective templates in Students > Assessments > DfE Assessments and after exporting the results by creating CTF files in Students > Assessments > DfE Assessments > Export Results

You can now produce the reports.

Go to Students > Assessments > DfE Assessments and on the top right hand side of the screen you will find a button for the ‘End of Year Reports’ Click on the button

You can either select ‘Bulk generate reports’ section to download report for e.g. Year group, Reg group

or select ‘Download report for single student’ section for an individual pupil.

Please note that the bulk download notification will appear if you choose to generate by group.

Followed by this message:

An example of what the reports are as shown below:


At this point you can print the reports from your downloads, alternatively, if you have given parents/guardians access to Parent Portal or Arbor App, they can view these reports if you share them online by:

  1. Using Arbor’s External Report Cards feature
  2. Upload passwords or links into Arbor as User-defined fields and create a custom report, then send the details to students via a Mail Merge email.
  3. Share them outside of Arbor using email from a Sharepoint.


For the purpose of this blog, we will look at Key Stage 1 Assessment, the process is exactly the same for all Key Stage Wizards.

Once you are sure all the results are entered on the Marksheets, reports can be produced. The Wizards will produce:

  • KS1 P1 Student England TA 2022 - An Individual Report for each pupil showing Teacher Assessments only
  • KS1 P1 Student England TA and TT 2022 - An Individual Report for each pupil showing both Teacher Assessments and Test Outcomes
  • KS1 P2 Comparative England 2022 - the Comparative Report shows the school’s results for year 2022 compared to last year’s national results 2022
    1. Go to Tools | Performance | Assessment | Wizard Manager
    2. Select the Key Stage 1 Wizard you require.
    3. You can probably leave the Group Selection as it is.
    4. When presented with the list of Marksheets click Next.

To Print an individual Report for each Pupil:
Choose KS1 P1 Student England TA 2022 this will produce reports for all the pupils ticked in the list below:

To see a preview:

  1. Choose Deselect All in the bottom half of the screen, then tick one of the pupils only. Now click the Preview Report button.
  2. A Microsoft Word document will then show you this pupil’s KS1 Teacher Assessments.
  3. When you have finished the preview, close Word and return to the Wizard. If you are asked to save the report, click NO.

To print a report:
If reports for all pupils are required then choose Select All. If not, go through the list and select those that are required by ticking the boxes.

Uploading the report will save a copy of each report and link it to the main pupil record for the child.

These documents can then be accessed via the Linked Documents connection from the individual pupil record in SIMS.

After a short pause the documents will be linked to the selected pupils and a confirmation message will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

An example of what the reports looks like is shown below.


If you've made it this far, congratulations! If you just skimmed over my words of wisdom, you'll get no credit, but understandable since you probably have so many tasks to complete!

Full instructions and step by step guide on processing the data and exporting data to the LA and STA are in our ICT Resources on our website.

We wish you all the best for the last half term of the school year! Please keep checking your emails for all updates and events for MIS Support.

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