Educational Psychology Case Study

One Education support children and young people who have the most significant and complex difficulties, through intervention strategies work, to help improve their ability to succeed in school life. These case studies illustrates the hard work undertaken by, not just the Education Psychologist but also the school staff and the family of the child/YP.

By Parent/Carer of the child - anonymised on 05 May 2021

Case Study 1: The EP has been absolutely wonderful with her support of our boy's learning. He is now more positive about his learning and sees it in a more positive frame. The EP worked tirelessly to support our foster child by supporting him in an ideal way and he really responded to her better than any other professional that has come into his life. The EP also supported us, which has helped us support our boy in relation to his education. She has transformed the school's approach to SEN and I believe she has had a permanent, positive impact in this regard. The EP has brokered a complex situation between the school, the council and us carers in terms of all trying to achieve the best outcomes for the boy. She has really helped to create more positive learning outcomes. We are so relieved that his learning is being guided by her expert care. The EP also helped with an essential referral that was outstanding and we are grateful for that also. Her expertise has made a huge difference to this boy's education, so we are very thankful for that. (Parent/Carer: VS LAC)

Case Study 2: We would like to take this opportunity to say how much it means to families like ours to have the support and guidance of someone like our current EP. For us, the advice she has provided has been immeasurable and something that we constantly put into practice, and also something we will personally be forever grateful for. Our son is Autistic and in line with this has many complex needs and to meet someone like our EP who not only understands these needs but also has ideas and solutions has been invaluable to us. We really want to say what an absolute necessity this service is to families. In order for children with SEND to have any chance in the future we need people that understand their needs and how they will learn to the best of their abilities. (Parent/Carer: School)

Case Study 3: The Educational Psychologist has been a crucial figure in our adopted son experiencing a very significant improvement in his ability to regulate and thrive in school. Our son struggled to cope with a number of fixed term exclusions after hearing his birth mum had died. The EP’s advice has led to the school and home being able to forge a constructive relationship which has put Jamie at the heart of any conversations. The EP has changed the culture and ethos of the key meetings so that practical solutions are sought to stabilise the situation. She has absorbed the stress and anxieties of the teaching team and ourselves. Her curiosity about Jamie's inner world has helped guide us on the best way to support Jamie through this difficult period. The EP has always promptly delivered on any action points. She has helped ensure that a wider team is in place for Jamie, which has been absolutely crucial. I believe that all adopted children, facing challenges in school, should have access to a similar service as the impact of the EP’s interventions have been monumental for our child, our family and for the school professionals. Her empathy and understanding shines through in all our interactions, yet she isn't afraid to question in a sensitive and appropriate manner. The EP rightly encourages ourselves and the school to capture the successes and take stock of any progress that has been made. We're hugely appreciative of her advice and support. (Parent/Carer: Adoption Support)

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