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ICT Spring Release Update 2021

FMS and SIMS release has been authorised to all schools who purchase their SIMS License through One Education. Read the full update for further documentation and what changes to expect as part of the Spring 2021 release of FMS.

By Syeda Rahman on 27 Apr 2021

Spring Release SIMS (7.198), Discover and FMS (6.198)

FMS and SIMS release has been authorised to all schools who purchase their SIMS License through One Education. For those schools that buy the SIMS Upgrade and Patch Service our Helpdesk team have been busy updating the schools SIMS system and aim to complete all upgrades before the Easter break.

The Spring 2021 release of SIMS delivers functionality to complete the Summer 2021 Census return and a number of other improvements.

Please read these SIMS 2021 Spring Release Note for further information.

The Spring 2021 release of FMS includes the following changes:

  • CFR 2018/2019 - SPLITTING I08 Income from Facilities and Services
  • I08a : Income from Letting Premises
  • I08b : Other Income from Facilities and Services
  • New ledgers codes required from LA
  • Existing mapped ledger codes will be mapped to I08a on upgrade
  • National Insurance 2020/2021
  • January 2020 – patch available to insert National Insurance 2020/2021 table

Capita have incorporated the changes to FMS6 in the Spring 2021 release due to the change to the CFR Framework for 2020 -21 in relation to the COVID 19 grants,

After liaising with our internal Finance Team and The Finance Team at Manchester City council, we understand that schools will not require FMS (6.198) for the prelim and will be necessary for the final close and CFR.

If the schools have received income on any of the new heading, the LA will advise them of which new code to use.

They would then map these new codes to I18 currently, on upgrade to spring 2021 all codes will be automatically be mapped to I18D, the user would then need to remap the new codes to the appropriate new CFR headings.

Please read this ‘FMS 2020 Spring Release’ welcome document to find out ' what's new?'

If you have not bought into the upgrade and patch service and would like to sign up for this, please contact the SIMS Team or your ICT Account Manager.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support.

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