Leadership in Education Virtual Conference 2021 Workshops

One Education have a wide range of different workshops at our first ever Leadership in Education Conference for delegates to choose from, suiting different roles and requirements. We have included a short summary about each one to help you decide which workshops would develop your CPD the greatest and would like to attend on the day.

By One Education Conferences on 18 Jun 2021

Workshop A (Jess Lane):

Promoting a Strong Safeguarding Culture in Schools (live)

It is well known that safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility within schools, but as leaders, there are extra responsibilities and requirements with regards to accountability that we need to take into consideration. This workshop will look at how we embed and promote a strong safeguarding culture within our schools and specifically how the policies we have in place ensure that we do this. We will consider our leadership responsibilities with regards to Whistleblowing and responding to allegations, as well as the need to understand the role and threshold of the Local Authority Designated Officer. ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ outlines the statutory requirements of school leadership teams and governing bodies with regards to safeguarding accountability - this workshop will ensure we address this, and any barriers that we may face as school leaders.

Biography: Jess is an experienced Designated Safeguarding Lead who has worked in inner-city schools in Manchester for the last 7 years. Working in diverse communities with children and families from various cultures has provided a wealth of experience in complex safeguarding and multi-agency working. In her role as an adviser for the Education Welfare and Safeguarding Team, Jess provides support to schools and academy trusts through training and guidance to identify areas of good practice and to implement action plans with regards to safeguarding and attendance in these settings.

Twitter: @JessLaneOneEd
Find out more: https://www.oneeducation.co.uk/welfare-services/education-welfare-and-safeguarding

Workshop B (Laura Lodge):

Evidence-Based Education: Using Research to Drive Decision-Making (live)

There is a wealth of educational research published every year, but the sheer amount makes it difficult to know where to begin. How can we best access, carefully choose and use research to support our development? How can we use evidence to make decisions across our schools? This workshop will discuss best practice and how to address key challenges in making evidence-based decisions in school. We will explore key research reports and guidance from the EEF, NFER and CEBE, sharing practical strategies to support the implementation of evidence-based decision making in school. Delegates will leave with the tools they need to drive evidence-based decision-making throughout their setting.

Biography: Laura, a curriculum adviser in KS1 and KS2 Reading for the DfE, specialises in providing bespoke training to schools across the curriculum, particularly in English and Maths. Previously working as a Key Stage Two and English lead in Manchester, Laura led wide-ranging training opportunities and supported curriculum change.

Twitter: @lauralodge208
Find out more out our school development services: https://www.oneeducation.co.uk/teaching-and-learning/literacy

Workshop C (Pam Mason and Ben Powell)

The whole School wellbeing Culture (Live)

Examining how to bring together a whole school wellbeing culture working with your staff teams and pupils in readiness for 21/22. You will be provided with details of the latest good practice, top tips and quick wins to put into place straight away to support you in creating a culture of wellness, happiness and health.

This webinar will introduce how to implement an effective staff wellbeing strategy. Delegates will learn about the five strategic areas that require development to enhance the wellbeing of staff; Ethos & Culture; Leadership & Management; Communication; The use of Data and the Working Environment. Delegates will be provided with knowledge to develop a wellbeing action plan and identify proactive steps in the key areas to ensure staff feel supported and equipped to take responsibility for improving their own personal wellbeing.

We will also discuss developing your pupil wellbeing Using positive psychology techniques. Research shows that schools using these tenets of 'positive psychology' to create 'positive education' not only improve pupils' wellbeing, but also improve behaviour and academic attainment too.

Biography: Pam Pam has been advising schools for over 10 years and is a primary school governor with safeguarding responsibilities. Pam worked as HR Manager at a secondary school and has experience of developing school improvement plans and supporting the school through a full Section 5 Ofsted Inspection.

Biography: Ben Ben has published research about the relationship between teacher efficacy and inclusion. He is passionate about outcomes focused practice, systems work in schools and implementing inclusive education.

Twitter: @OneEducationHR and @OneEdPsychology
Find out more about our Wellbeing services: https://www.oneeducation.co.uk/welfare-services/onewellbeing

Workshop D (Rob Merino)

Leaders and Governors – Making the relationship work for your school (Live)

This session will explore the crucial relationship between Headteachers and senior leaders and their governing body / trustees. It will consider the relationship based on challenge and support, and the key features of effective working.

Biography: Before joining One Education, Rob had an extensive career in local authority service management and delivery, followed by a number of years as a programme and change management professional. As Head of Governor Services, Rob provides advice, guidance and support to head teachers and chairs across the region, and has managed the successful delivery of a new free school through application and pre-opening stages.

Twitter: @OneGovernor
Find out more about our Governor services: https://www.oneeducation.co.uk/school-business-management/governor-support

Workshop E (Andrea-May Oliver and Yanela Garcia)

Race and Identity in School – Let’s celebrate diversity! (Live)

Insistence on being colour-blind stops the acknowledgment of difference. By openly discussing these issues with emotional honestly, this workshop aims to help school leaders recognise what pupils of colour could be going through effecting their education and wellbeing. You will gain ideas, practical strategies and potential solutions.

Biography: Yanela Yanela, qualified counsellor, has a wealth of experience including working with refugee and asylum-seeking children, young people and families. She works in primary, secondary and home settings, actively liaising in multi-agency contexts and managing family cases with complex needs who have or are experiencing trauma.

Biography: Andrea-May Andrea-May is an experienced dramatherapist working in schools, meeting a wide range of pupils’ needs. She has delivered trainings on race and identity for education staff and presented at a national conference in 2019.

Find out more about our ETS services: https://www.oneeducation.co.uk/welfare-services/emotional-trauma

Workshop 1 (Helen Marriott)

SEND, the law and your responsibilities (Pre recorded)

This workshop will look at the laws governing the provision of SEND in schools. It will highlight the responsibilities that schools have regarding the pupils in their schools who are identified as having a Special Educational Need or disability.

We will share resources that will help you to identify, support and track pupils with Special Educational needs.

Find out more about our inclusion services: https://www.oneeducation.co.uk/send/send-support

Workshop 2 (Lindsay Thomas)

How can Music Education Hubs support your school to deliver outstanding music? (Pre recorded)

How can Music Education Hubs support your school to deliver outstanding music?

This workshop will guide you through the aspirations of the National Plan for Music Education and improve your knowledge of how to engage with your local music education hub.

You will find out about the core and extension roles that hubs are funded to provide and also find out about the relationship between Arts Council England, the Department for Education and music education hubs.

Biography: Lindsay has responsibility for the overall vision and strategic direction for the music service. Prior to this role she taught in Manchester primary and SEND schools for twenty years as both a classroom teacher and musical inclusion specialist.

Developing partnership working and mentoring colleagues in school is an important part of her work with MyHub – the Music Education Hub for the City of Manchester.. Lindsay believes in leading by example and feels privileged to be able to facilitate inclusive music projects and events that promote collaboration between schools and empowering school staff to deliver accessible music making.

Twitter: @oneeducationlt or @OneEducationMus
Find out more about our music services: https://www.oneeducation.co.uk/teaching-and-learning/music

Workshop 3 (Jo Buckler)

Ofsted and Music Teaching in the Primary School - Why just ‘doing’ music isn’t good enough. (Pre recorded)

Taking on board the recommendations made by Mark Phillips HMI (Ofsted) during his January 2021 webinar to Music Mark members, during this session we will talk about music in the context of Education Inspection Frameworks including ‘deep dives.’

We will look at how school leaders can ensure musical progression throughout their primary school to ensure the best possible outcomes for all pupils and how the music curriculum intent, implementation and impact can ensure a broad and balanced curriculum.

Biography: Jo Buckler is a qualified teacher with 20 years experience of teaching in schools in and around Manchester. As an Advanced Skills Teacher, Jo has taught music across the Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Jo has taught for Manchester University Initial Teacher Training and delivers ITT in music to a multi-academy teaching school. She has extensive experience of supporting primary schools in developing their curriculum, through work with coordinators, curriculum planning and training. Jo continues to teach music in schools two days a week.

Twitter: @jobuckler or @OneEducationMus
Find out more about our music services: https://www.oneeducation.co.uk/teaching-and-learning/music

Workshop 4 (Dr Janine Ben-Ali)

Using psychology to explore diversity in our schools (Pre recorded)

This workshop will explore diversity within schools and the curriculum, using psychological theories to understand what this means and the impact on our pupils and communities. We will also be considering how we can make positive changes within schools.

Biography: Dr Janine Ben-Ali is a senior practitioner educational psychologist who is now entering her 7th year of professional practice. Prior to becoming a psychologist Janine enjoyed living and working abroad in countries such as Sudan, the UAE, Russia and South Africa. From these experiences, Janine has taken a curiosity and openness to exploring cultures, values, and belief systems which she takes with her in to her everyday working life.

Janine takes an eco-systemic approach to her work looking at how society, environments and relationships impact on an individuals and groups. Since working at One Education she has developed specialist interests in relationship based approaches, adoption, trauma and play.

Workshop 5 (Harriet Brettell)

What do the changes to the EYFS Curriculum mean to your school? (Pre recorded)

Is your school ready for the changes to the EYFS Framework? This workshop will look at what the main changes are to the EYFS curriculum and give you time to reflect on what the priorities are for your school going forward. There will be opportunities to consider how your school may already be meeting some of the requirements and how to motivate and empower your EYFS team to embrace the changes. We will look at the positives rather than it being ‘another change’ to have to do and the impact this will have across your school.

Biography: Harriet is an associate working for the Literacy department at One Education since 2019. Prior to this she was an Assistant Headteacher at a school in Camden, London where she was EYFS Leader, Literacy Leader while teaching Year 6 part-time. In 2018, Harriet moved to Manchester to start her own family. She is passionate about everything Early Years and Literacy, and strongly believes that when these areas are taught well, it lays the foundations for a child to feel valued and to have the mindset and skills needed to be a happy and successful life-long learner.

Workshop 6 (Evette Hudson and Paula Shacklady)

The challenges of Appraisal, Performance Management and Pay recommendations following the impact of COVID 19 (Pre recorded)

The teachers’ statutory appraisal process is a simple one you would think? You set performance targets and objectives appropriate for the post, consider the teacher standards’ and carry out termly assessments all in line with your school appraisal and pay policies. You then make pay recommendations to your governing body panel if the teacher met their targets.

But what if they only completed one term and they were absent for two terms due to going on maternity leave or absent due to a disability such as effects of long covid? How do you assess their performance?

This workshop will give you practical advice and guidance on how to ensure that you consider the Equality Act and issues of Diversity in your Appraisal and Performance procedures to ensure a fair and transparent process for all. We will include how schools are adapting to the ever changes situations due to COVID, embracing the mix of face to face and virtual worlds and the assessment of managing staff delivery to children who themselves are in challenging situations.

Biography: Paula Paula has a vast amount of HR experience, including over 5 years for the Education Service. During this time Paula worked as a HR Business Partner acquiring extensive knowledge and understanding of supporting organisational change including TUPE.

Biography: Evette Evette has nearly 30 years’ experience within the education sector. Evette's specialisms are with the teachers' terms of conditions and safeguarding, being an accredited Safer Recruitment trainer, which includes Disclosure Barring Service checks and the Single Central Record.

Workshop 7 (Az’ya Rajput)

SIMS Primary for Senior Leaders (Pre recorded)

Imagine having all the information you need to run your school at your fingertips.

No more searching for answers to questions about the progress of children, how you are doing against your attendance targets, or if key school indicators such as pupil conduct or in year mobility are changing. With SIMS Primary, school leaders have access to intelligent, visual dashboards of information that help fuel good decision making.

If you are looking for ways to gain powerful insights from your school’s data and improve your everyday operations, SIMS has the functionality and features that primary schools can trust and rely upon.

Twitter: @OneEducationICT
Find out more about our ICT/SIMS services: https://www.oneeducation.co.uk/school-business-management/sims-ict-support

Workshop 8 (Janine Nixon)

Is your website Ofsted ready? (Pre recorded)

Your website could be the first impression a parent gets of your school. Make sure it’s the best it can be. This session will look at the importance of your school website in supporting pupil recruitment, including top tips on creating an engaging content and imagery and ensuring your school website meets the statutory requirements.

Biography: Janine is an award winning, qualified marketing professional with over 17 years’ experience working at both a strategic and operational level. She is passionate about the positive impact education can have on children’s lives and has spent the last 11 years working in education.

Twitter: @OneEducation
Find out more about our marketing services: https://www.oneeducation.co.uk/school-business-management/marketing-support

Workshop 9 (Petra Pratt)

Schools Moving to BACs Payments, School Census and Reporting for Academies (Pre recorded)

BACs Payments in schools: Is your school thinking about changing to BACs payments. The change can be a complex one for busy schools. In this ever-changing world we need to make things easier to manage and faster online payments can save not only money but time in you Admin Office.

School funding and Census: Why is the census such a vital and important part of your school funding, find out why and the implications and impact on your school budget if things are not accurate on your census return.

Finance Reporting for Academies: What reports are required by the ESFA, How often should you report to the trust, ESFA and what should you report on?

Biography: Petra has extensive experience and knowledge of all aspects of education finance in primary, secondary, special and independent schools. She holds a Certificate in Financing Reporting for Academies and has expert knowledge of FMS6, SIMS and HCSS software packages.

Find out more about our school finance services: https://www.oneeducation.co.uk/school-business-management/school-finance

Workshop 10 (Louise McArdle)

Collaborative Leading and Coaching (Pre Recorded)

Leading a collaborative system and empowering others – the power of coaching

  • Developing and embedding a collaborative learning culture and climate
  • Empowering staff and securing collaborative approaches at all levels 
  • Implementing a coaching culture and making maximum use of the latest educational research for sustainable impact 
  • Ensuring staff ‘buy in’ and high levels of engagement in school improvement and development

Twitter: @LouiseMArdle10

Workshop 11 (Louise McArdle)

OFSTED – what do you need to know? (Pre Recorded)

Developing knowledge and understanding of the Education Inspection Framework (EIF) and how to ensure that your curriculum intent, implementation and impact meets OFSTED good/outstanding criteria in the current climate.

  • Applying the Education Inspection Framework within the current context 
  • Developing effective curriculum design 
  • Consider how to use cognitive science to secure strategies to help pupils learn more, remember more and apply more across a range of contexts.

Workshop F (Laura Clark)

Equality Act – Understanding the statutory duties for school leaders (live)

In this workshop we will explain schools’ statutory equality duties under the Equality Act 2010 and supporting Regulations. We will discuss ways in which schools can demonstrate compliance with their general Public Sector Equality Duty and their Specific Duties and advise what information should be published and where, and how schools can choose, monitor and manage equality objectives. We will also touch upon overlapping equality obligations including those under the Ofsted Inspection Framework 2019 and the recently introduced RSE Regulations 2019.

Biography: Laura is a Senior HR Manager in the HR and People team and is a qualified solicitor. As an employment law specialist for over 30 years, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to team. Laura has worked exclusively with schools and academies in all aspects of HR since 2009. She has particular expertise in equality law issues and leads the HR equality group.

Twitter: @Laura_OneEd
Find out more about our HR services: https://www.oneeducation.co.uk/school-business-management/human-resources

Workshop G (Alyson Knowles and James Traynor)

Supporting Safeguarding through Supervision (live)

Safeguarding Supervision has a proven positive impact on how we safeguard the children in our care, the mental health and wellbeing of staff and in turn greatly improves the outcomes for our children and young people.

During this One Education Workshop we will be discussing Safeguarding Supervision. What it is? Its importance and why it should be part of every provisions safeguarding policy and procedures. We will discuss how through supervision, DSLs and safeguarding professionals can be supported and the impact that this support can have on the lives of children and young people within your provision.

Biography: Alyson Beginning a career as an SEN TA, and later achieving a Postgraduate Diploma in Social Work, Alyson’s specialisms are children & families, complex family support and mental health. Alyson is a Deputy Safeguarding Lead for One Education and provides Education Welfare and safeguarding support and training to schools both at a strategic and direct level. She is NSPCC trained and able to offer professional casework supervision to DSLs in school.

Biography: James James has qualifications and experiences in a wide range of relevant fields. Following his counselling degree he worked with vulnerable children within specialist and mainstream provisions. He is a trained counsellor with ChildLine and has broad experiences dealing with attendance along with NSPCC training in professional supervision and as a DSL. Safeguarding is his speciality and a priority when delivering training, professional safeguarding supervision and supporting school staff, families and pupils.

Twitter: @OneEdWelfare
Find out more about our Safeguarding services: https://www.oneeducation.co.uk/welfare-services/education-welfare-and-safeguarding

Workshop H (Deirdre McConnell)

Surviving, thriving and post-trauma growth in school (live)

This workshop will show how school leaders can create dynamic environments where all pupils succeed. Including those affected by ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) that propel them towards fixed or permanent exclusions. The tricky area of dovetailing trauma-informed practice with behaviour management will be unpacked. Practical examples will be given of transformational approaches. 

Biography: Artist, teacher, trainer and art psychotherapist. Deirdre is experienced in early intervention and complex casework. Interests include: children’s rights and human rights; creativity and neuroscience; psycho-spiritual and self-care models. Guest lecturer at several universities, speaker at national and international conferences, practitioner PhD researcher.

Twitter: @deirdre_DSM
Find out more about our ETS services: https://www.oneeducation.co.uk/welfare-services/emotional-trauma

Workshop I (Harriet Brettell)

Valuing your EYFS Culture across the School (live)

As a leadership team, do you ever wonder how to involve Early Years more across the school? Are there aspects of EYFS practice that could work for your whole school, or aspects from the whole school that your EYFS team could adapt?  This workshop will look at how important the EYFS approach can be for all age phases. It will explore practical ways to weave the principles of early learning into whole school practice, having a positive impact on well-being, learning and achievement. You will leave the workshop with a cohesive plan of how to embed and adapt approaches that the school uses so that the EYFS feel a part of the whole school culture and vice versa.

Biography: Harriet is an associate working for the Literacy department at One Education since 2019. Prior to this she was an Assistant Headteacher at a school in Camden, London where she was EYFS Leader, Literacy Leader while teaching Year 6 part-time. In 2018, Harriet moved to Manchester to start her own family. She is passionate about everything Early Years and Literacy, and strongly believes that when these areas are taught well, it lays the foundations for a child to feel valued and to have the mindset and skills needed to be a happy and successful life-long learner.

Twitter: @OESchoolDevelop
Find out more about our Literacy services: https://www.oneeducation.co.uk/teaching-and-learning/literacy

Workshop J (Mary Arnold)

Future focused: Innovation in School Development Planning (live)

Leaders of outstanding and good schools are never complacent and are always thinking ahead and identifying what actions need to be taken to secure the very best possible outcomes for their pupils. In schools which require improvement or are in special measures it is vital to have effective development planning which is the only way to bring about sustained and effective improvements. The school development plan is the document which underpins all school improvement and needs to be supported by departmental action plans which detail the key actions which school leaders will take to sustain excellence or bring about further improvements.

In recent years there has been research into how to write and implement the most effective development plans. The session will look at the best practice in school development planning and will include a look at the Education Endowment Foundation’s recommended three tiered model approach to school development planning. This tiered approach focuses upon (1) high-quality teaching, (2) targeted academic support, and (3) wider strategies. This approach was developed in partnership with expert school leaders from across the country and is being used effectively by many schools.

The session will also look at how best practice can be rolled out to middle leaders in order to support them in their action planning for improvement.

Twitter: @OESchoolDevelop
Find out more about our Literacy services: https://www.oneeducation.co.uk/teaching-and-learning/school-development

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