Leadership in Education Conference 2023 - Greg Bottrill

Greg Bottrill, Author and experienced Early Years Practitioner & Consultant

By on 11 Jul 2022


Biography: Greg is the author of the bestselling ’Can I Go And Play Now?’, ‘School of the Magic of Children’ and ‘Love Letters To Play’. A passionate advocate of childhood and education done with children not to them, he is also the creator of Drawing Club, The Message Centre, Play Projects and Adventure Island. His work and thinking is deeply embedded in joy, adventure, marvel and play, four things that he believes are equally as important for adults.


Summary of Keynote: Must childhood become a lost word?

Greg will explore how the narrative of education needs to embrace ‘childhood’. Sharing his simple Magic Mirror toolkit, Greg will illustrate to us what we need to look for, across our schools and academies, if we are to truly say that we value childhood. He will also introduce the idea that all children beyond the age of 5 are looking for something within their days, and we need to offer it! He believes in searching for the ‘magic of children’ and he hopes that, by the end of his keynote, you will want to go and look for it too.

You can find Greg on Twitter @canigoandplay

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