Literacy Conference 2019 - Workshops

One Education have a wide range of different workshops at this year's Literacy Conference for delegates to choose from, suiting different roles and requirements. We have included a short summary about each one to help you decide which workshops would develop your CPD the greatest and would like to attend on the day.

By One Education Conferences on 08 Jul 2020

Workshop A (Kathleen McBride):

Finding Their Voice: Supporting Children to Build Their Oracy Skills Across the Curriculum...

If, as James Britton wrote, ‘…reading and writing float on a sea of talk’, how do we ensure that classroom talk is purposeful and leads to great learning and improved literacy? Despite a wealth of evidence as to its importance for students’ success in school and for their futures, verbal communication currently has meagre status within our education system. New research has demonstrated the appetite from educators for more time for talk, support for developing speaking skills and resources for rhetoric. This session will introduce teachers to our tool-kit of practical strategies to enhance oracy in the classroom and enable every child to find their voice in a range of spoken contexts.

Twitter: @kathleenvoice21 Website:

Workshop B (Sophie Merrill):

Literacy through Paintings...

In the workshop we will explore how Art, specifically paintings, can be used to support the teaching and learning of Literacy. Paintings are an amazing tool that can be used to inspire teaching across a range of curriculum areas including History, RE, Reading and Writing. We will discuss the ways in which they can be used in the classroom to engage learning, with delegates leaving with a raft of practical strategies to use in their own settings.

Twitter: @MissSMerrill Website:

Workshop C (Laura Lodge):

Fascinating Facts: Using Non-Fiction Texts to Inspire Learning...

Walk into any children’s bookshop and you will be amazed at the wealth of non-fiction texts currently on offer. With background knowledge, vocabulary and experiences so important to children’s learning, these quality texts are needed now more than ever. This practical workshop will showcase the best of new children’s non-fiction texts, with ideas on how to use these fantastic texts to inspire Literacy across the curriculum.

Twitter: @lauralodge208 / @OESchoolDevelop Website:

Workshop D (Paul Stockley and Helen Roberts):

Using Philosophy for Children to Enhance Literacy Learning...

In this practical, hands-on workshop, we will share our expertise and experience in using P4C as a tool and driver to enhance the whole curriculum for children of all ages. Within the context of Literacy, we hope to impart some of our excitement about the potential that P4C has to develop resilient, respectful and tolerant children who are able to explore their learning together as a ‘community of learners’. We will provide delegates with examples of philosophically based strategies and activities which can be used in a range of ways to develop reading, writing, oracy and vocabulary in all subjects. We will also provide evidence of the impact that P4C has had on children’s emotional literacy, particularly amongst disadvantaged learners.

Twitter: @bradwaystockley / @Y5bradway Website:

Workshop E (Karl Duke):

Detail Detectives: Strategies for Developing Writing...

I don’t know what to write.”

We’ve all heard the frustration from a child as they struggle to make a start on their writing. In Karl’s workshop, he will introduce you to a range of engaging visual and practical strategies to support children over that barrier using a range of quality picture books across the curriculum.

Twitter: @KarlDuke8 / @DetailDetects1 Website:

Workshop F (Bryn Llewellyn and Ian Holmes):

Moving and Learning Across the Curriculum...

As teachers and leaders, we need to look at ways we can increase and embed creative opportunities for learning. Ask your children to draw what learning looks like and guess what they will draw? Why do chairs and desks feature? This workshop will blend research with practical and imaginative ideas and resources to get your children moving and learning in different environments - crucial when we all face the increasing problem of sedentary lifestyles. By the end of this workshop you will be collecting, connecting and creating...

Twitter: @brynll / @tagtiv8 / moveandlearnuk / SchoolThorner Website: /

Workshop G (Sarah Dean):

Embedding English skills throughout your curriculum...

With recent changes to the Ofsted framework, the curriculum is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. This practical workshop will explore how to plan for opportunities for English skills to become embedded across your school curriculum. Looking at links to high quality texts, vocabulary, writing and reading skills; the workshop will explore how you can have a fully immersive curriculum that allows children to build their knowledge and vocabulary in topic lessons and apply this in their English lessons. We will also look at opportunities for English skills to be transferred into cross-curricular writing and develop the same high-quality expectations we have for outcomes in English, to outcomes across the curriculum. Delegates are requested to bring copies of current curriculum maps to aid discussion.

Twitter: @SDean235 Website:

Workshop H (Dominic Traynor)

Exploring the hopes and dreams of children through English & Computing...

This session will explore how to match the hopes and dreams of our pupils with the National Curriculum for English. We'll look at how pupils can use poetry from Michael Rosen, recipes from BBC Good Food, speeches from our beloved politicians and start a campaign to ban plastic straws which gets featured on the news and mentioned in Parliament! We'll also stare into a crystal ball and see what future is in store for the little adults in our classrooms and why that matters to the teaching of English.

Twitter: @dom_traynor Website:

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