Literacy Conference 2020 Workshops

One Education have a wide range of different workshops at this year's Literacy Conference for delegates to choose from, suiting different interests and roles. A short summary will be included about each one to help you decide which workshops would develop your CPD the greatest and would like to attend on the day. Please visit again for further updates.

By One Education on 02 Jul 2020

Literacy for all through relationships, systems and love! with Ella Hughes:

About the workshop:
This workshop will share creative ideas for how we can improve literacy across a school for all children – from the most able to international new arrivals with little or no prior English – by getting them to LOVE reading and writing.

I will share examples of how we inspired our children to want to write (spoiler – it includes working with a real life editor of real life books) and have grown a love of reading for the sheer pleasure of it that meant over 90 children turned up to my first lunch time KS2 book club last week!! (spoiler –the journey has involved hot chocolate and not just for the children!).

Although from the perspective of a senior leader I hope the key messages and practical examples will be relevant for anyone looking to ignite passion and raise standards in reading and writing.


Ella has been teaching for 14 years including 10 as a senior leader and nearly two years as Acting Headteacher of two different schools. Whilst most of her career has been spent in Greater Manchester (Stockport, Trafford and Manchester) Ella also enjoyed two years teaching in New Zealand.

She has taught the full primary age range (from Nursery to year 6) and a small specialist class of children with multiple, profound and complex SEND. She also spent three months working as a supply teacher and TA when she returned from New Zealand. Ella is currently the Deputy head of a three-form entry primary in central Manchester with a wonderfully diverse community of children who speak over 34 languages.

Whilst her previous responsibilities have included everything from SENCO, safeguarding and EYFS/KS1 lead to English, maths and science lead, her main roles now are leading Curriculum, Assessment, Teaching and Learning and KS2. Ella is passionate about the importance of nurturing relationships and emotional wellbeing for children and staff and have a real interest in how coaching can empower people. If she was a character from a book she would probably be Tigger!

Outside of school Ella loves to read, run, swim and spend time with my family. She can usually be found with her head in a book and in the past year she has started a children’s literature book club for adults.

Find Ella on Twitter: @ellathemermaid

Spelling strategies with Alice Pepper:

About the workshop:
A review of the findings of a 2-year in-house spelling research project whereby the teaching and learning of Spelling was scrutinised, re-organised and re-developed through the combination of context-related and wider research findings.

The application of a new programme of study into teaching spelling has resulted and the key elements of this will be shared as well as a guideline on how to personalise spelling provision at your own school.

Alice Pepper is an English SLE, with 10 years’ experience as an English leader in Trafford. She has delivered school to school support for many years and regularly delivers training through Trafford Teaching School Alliance’s CPD programme, including the English Leaders’ professional development. Alice is a KS2 writing moderator for Trafford and teaches Y6 at Tyntesfield Primary School where she leads Upper Key Stage 2.

Find Alice on Twitter: @MrsPeppe

Using drama to explore stories with Ben Connor:

About the workshop:
Mantle of the Expert uses dramatic imagination techniques to provide opportunities for children to explore stories, characters and situations.

The workshop will demonstrate simple techniques for using drama to explore stories, particularly picturebooks. We will then show how these methods can help children to develop their storytelling, by helping them to empathise with characters and ‘think’ themselves into a scene. The impact of these methods on pupils’ writing is brilliant as it helps them to bring their ideas to life.


Ben Connor is SLT, Curriculum/English Lead and Year 4 teacher at a school in Bolton. He is passionate about the use of drama, music, image, film and imagination to support childrens' writing and understanding of character emotions. He is interested in applying methods and techniques in the classroom to present pupils with a 3D curriculum that provides an engaging, exciting learning experience. Ben is now a qualified Mantle of the Expert trainer with a Quality Mark and everything.

Find Ben on Twitter: @bbcteaching

Visit his website

Robbie the school dog - Inspire Academy:

About the workshop:
Emma Richards, Robbie’s Mum, will share with you the journey of having a school dog so far and how it all began. The workshop will explore how the school use Robbie to enhance our literacy skills for all children and the impact that this has had on the children and the school.

The workshop will also discuss how Robbie has helped to promote a love of reading within the school. There will also be the opportunity to ask questions about the practicalities of having a school dog.

Please note: Robbie will be there for the workshop so numbers will be limited and it will be first come first served when we open workshop bookings.

Robbie joined Inspire Academy in July 2018 as their school dog. He is one of the first mainstream school dogs in Tameside. He is a happy boy with a gentle temperament; he loves to be around children and adults. Robbie’s hobbies include cuddles, playing and hearing stories.

Find Robbie on Twitter: @Robbie_Inspire

Marking literacy more accessible for EAL children - Beth Southern:

About the workshop:
Do you know how language is acquired by EAL children or the order in which children develop language skills in a second language (thinking about reading, writing, speaking and listening)?

What about the huge impact poor vocabulary can have on reading and comprehension, and the experience gaps this can bring?

We know that EAL children lack vocabulary by the very nature of them being learners of English but did you know that a huge number of English speaking children also have vocabulary gaps that stifle their progress?

This session will dive in to vocabulary and look at ways to make learning words everybody’s business! A range of practical strategies and tips for building literacy in to all quality first teaching.


Beth Southern is the creator of EAL HUB and is an experienced EAL Consultant and a Specialist Leader of Education (SLE) for EAL. She has a wealth of experience across both primary and secondary, within state sector and private education. Beth was Head of EAL at a large inner-city academy in Manchester for 4 years and more recently was Leading Teacher for EAL at a local council. She has worked with EAL pupils for the last 12 years and has a wide range of experience of working with International Schools around the world. Her passion is to make EAL teaching as inclusive as possible by supporting teachers in feeling more confident using EAL strategies within quality first teaching.

Find Beth on Twitter: @bethan_southern

Reading for pleasure in schools - Ceridwen Eccles:

About the workshop:

I will be delivering a workshop on how I promote reading for pleasure within my school using research informed practice from the work of the OU Reading For Pleasure findings and research by Teresa Cremin.

I will deliver practical tips that can be applied in the classroom to support, scaffold and nurture even the most reluctant reader.


I am currently entering into my 15th year as a primary school teacher and I still feel inspired and just as excited about delivering high quality education now as I was as an NQT. I have worked across all primary key stages after starting my career specialising in EYFS and KS1.

Since making the move to upper KS2, I strive to bring all the knowledge and skills my experience of teaching younger children has to enrich the experiences of the older children I now teach. I have a huge interest in the Arts and like to weave music, drama and art into all I do.

Reading for pleasure and promoting a love of books is my other passion and promoting the benefit it brings to supporting the mental health of children.

Find Ceridwen on Twitter: @Teacherglitter
Visit her website

Greater Depth Reading - Laura Lodge:

About the workshop:

Outside the realms of statutory assessment, what does Reading at a greater depth look like?

How can we challenge children to develop their understanding of what they read at a greater depth?

This workshop will explore what greater depth looks like and a wide range of approaches to support children to become deeper readers. Looking at strategies including text choice, questioning, close analysis and developing personal responses, delegates will leave the workshop with practical ideas to implement in school.


Laura, a senior education consultant at One Education, specialises in providing bespoke training to schools across the curriculum, particularly in English. She is also a curriculum expert on KS1 and KS2 Reading for the Department for Education and STA. Previously working as a Key Stage Two and English lead in Manchester, Laura led wide-ranging training opportunities and supported curriculum change.

Find Laura on Twitter: @lauralodge208

When phonics doesn't work - Helen Marriott:

About the workshop:

Let’s be honest – phonics does not work for everyone!

There is no doubt that reading is vital for the development of all areas of learning. For a significant portion of children learning to read via phonics does not work for them. During the workshop we will look at different types of learners and different ways of supporting these pupils in our classrooms.


Helen has spent the last 20 years working with children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in a range of settings and roles, and is now working as a Specialist Inclusion Teacher and Speech and Language Therapist at One Education.

Find the One Education SEND and Inclusion Team on Twitter: @OneEdSEND

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