Literacy Conference 2021 - Keynote speaker: Martin Galway

By One Education on 18 Jun 2021



Martin is a Teaching and Learning Adviser for the Herts for Learning Primary English Team. He specialises in reading and writing development, and in oracy as a key bridge between the two. Martin writes for and edits the @HertsEnglish blog. He has spoken at national and international conferences on all aspects of English and Literacy. He is particularly interested in bridging research and practice, and is currently working on the links that exist between developing reading fluency and the impact this has on writing.

Summary of Keynote: Have Your Cake and Eat it: Maximising the Links Between Reading and Writing.

In his keynote speech, Martin will briefly explore how recent research and trends in literacy education have treated reading, writing, and oracy as related but distinct. Martin will make a case for making links that are more effective across these three strands. He will share highly practical guidance on maximising the benefits of a holistic approach to developing confidence in all aspects of literacy.

Martin tweets at @GalwayMr and regularly writes for the Herts for Learning blog.

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