Literacy Conference 2022 - Ross Young

Ross Young, author and Founder of The Writing for Pleasure Centre.

By Laura Lodge on 17 Mar 2022



Ross Young is the founder of The Writing For Pleasure Centre and author of Real-World Writers: A Handbook For Teaching Writing With 7-11 Year Olds and Writing For Pleasure: Theory, Research & Practice. He holds an MA in applied linguistics in education. As a passionate writer-teacher, he now works around the UK and abroad helping teachers and schools develop extraordinary young writers. He convenes the United Kingdom Literacy Association's international Teaching Writing Research Group and also helps run their Teachers' Writing Group. He is a visiting lecturer at a number of UK universities. Ross was the lead researcher on 'What is it Writing For Pleasure teachers do that makes the difference?' His work continues to focus on the learning and teaching of young writers and is informed by his ongoing work with classroom teachers and early years educators.

Summary of Keynote: Writing For Pleasure & The Role Children's Emotions Play In Exceptional Writing Classrooms

For many years, a significant number of children have shown an indifference or active dislike for writing. Some have even commented that writing at school feels them with dread, puts them in a state of mental agony, or makes them physically sick. At the same time, children continue to underachieve with only one in five children writing above the basic ‘met’ standard in England. In this keynote, Ross Young (The Writing For Pleasure Centre) shares the important role children’s emotions and affective needs play in their writing success. Drawing on his own research and the work of neuroscientist Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, Ross will explain the profound relationship between children’s emotions and what we currently know to be the best writing teaching. He will share examples of practice from a variety of Writing For Pleasure affiliate schools to illustrate how teachers can increase children’s sense of enjoyment in writing as well as their personal satisfaction in being writers. And, in the process, accelerate their academic progress and achievement.


You can find Ross on Twitter @WritingRocks_17

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