Literacy Conference 2022 Workshops

One Education have a wide range of different workshops at this year's Literacy Conference for delegates to choose from, suiting different interests and roles. A short summary will be included about each one to help you decide which workshops would develop your CPD the greatest and would like to attend on the day. Please visit again for further updates.

By Laura Lodge on 21 Apr 2022

Children and non-fiction with Alice Pepper

About the workshop:
Founded by research and development, this workshop discusses how to get children to fall in love with non-fiction and why this is so important for their development as readers. We will share our journey of developing reading across the curriculum in all its forms and how to enable children to read as a historian, scientist, geographer and much more through a rich and diverse repertoire of books.

Alice Pepper is an English SLE, with 10 years’ experience as an English leader in Trafford. She has delivered school to school support for many years and regularly delivers training through Trafford Teaching School Alliance’s CPD programme, including the English Leaders’ professional development. Alice is a KS2 writing moderator for Trafford and teaches Y6 at Tyntesfield Primary School where she leads Upper Key Stage 2.


Find Alice on Twitter: @MrsPeppe

Voices, Deeds, Locations - planning reading to widen literacy experience with Alison Tarrant

About the workshop:
This workshop will be a practical exploration of the ways you can use reading to ensure a breadth of experience for your pupils. From the voices they hear, the things you do and where the activities are done, there are multiple ways to ensure reading is a truly inclusive experience

Alison Tarrant is the Chief Executive of the School Library Association, and is Co-Chair of the Great School Libraries campaign. Alison was a Bookseller Rising Star in 2018. A school librarian before-hand, she set up a library in a new school, and was on the middle management team and held roles as Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator and a form tutor. She was on the Honour List for the SLA School Librarian of the Year in 2016. Alison was a Trustee for the SLA and Chair of the Youth Libraries Group Eastern before her appointment to the SLA.


Find Alison on Twitter: @fictious_cat

Reimagining fairy tales – diversity, equality and the importance of neuroplasticity with Kiran Satti

About the workshop:
Is the archetypal fairy tale still relevant today. To some degree, yes. However, there is strong indication that the classical fairy tale canon is being re-imagined and Kiran will explain the importance of why.

Covering themes such as diversity, equality and neuroplasticity, Kiran will share reimagined fairy tales, research and impact on her own practice that will hopefully enable delegates to understand the importance of reimagining and diversifying the literary canon of fairy tales on children’s identifies, perceived potential and ultimately their future stories.

Kiran has been teaching for over 10 years. She is currently Primary Trust Literacy Lead, Reading Lead, KS1 Phase Lead and Y2 teacher.

She is passionate about advocating alternative fairy tales and diversifying the representation of gender and ethnicities in children’s literature; empowering fiction for girls #womened and using texts that immerse children into different worlds and lives – specifically immigration and refugees #ReflectingRealities. Shortlisted Rising Star 2020/21.


Find Kiran on Twitter: @KSunray3

Let’s Make Some Picture Books Together: Supporting Your Staff to Build Confidence in Teaching Writing with Ross Young

About the workshop:
Despite the fact that we are all teachers of writing, often we feel that we don’t have time to write. However, by participating in a writing workshop like this one, teachers and leaders can transform their practice and professional identities.

Join Ross and like-minded colleagues to enjoy spending time chatting, reading and making picture books together, exploring how to support your staff to enjoy the writing process themselves and share their engagement with pupils.

Ross Young is the founder of The Writing For Pleasure Centre and author of Real-World Writers: A Handbook For Teaching Writing With 7-11 Year Olds and Writing For Pleasure: Theory, Research & Practice. He holds an MA in applied linguistics in education. As a passionate writer-teacher, he now works around the UK and abroad helping teachers and schools develop extraordinary young writers.


Find Ross on Twitter: @WritingRocks_17

Instilling a love of reading amongst children - Holden Clough’s journey with Adam Porter

About the workshop:
This workshop will aim to give an insight into how we have improved attitudes towards reading by exploring examples of routines and systems that have been established to build a love of reading at Holden Clough. The workshop will also share a host of practical activities and resources for attendees to take away to help develop their own school’s approach.

Adam is in his seventh year of teaching and currently resides at Holden Clough Community Primary School where he is Assistant Head and English lead. Over the past two years of leading the subject, Adam has worked tirelessly to create a culture where reading for pleasure sits at the core. He'd now like to think reading is the foundation of everything they do at Holden Clough.


Find Adam on Twitter: @MrPorter6AP

Literacy and the KS2-3 transition: is it only about reading? With Sarah Green

About the workshop:
The literacy challenges faced by pupils moving from primary to secondary education are often underestimated. As well as being faced with increased language and vocabulary demands across the secondary curriculum, pupils are expected to read more academic texts with fluency and write complex texts for a range of purposes with stamina and confidence.

This workshop will present the evidence base for improving literacy transition and will explore how improved curriculum and teaching approaches can support and strengthen pupils’ reading, writing and oracy to better effect.

Sarah is a senior leader working across mainstream and special secondary schools within The Prospere Learning Trust, South Manchester, as their Trust Literacy Lead. She is also a Voice21 National Oracy Leader and an Evidence Lead in Education with Manchester Communication Research School. Sarah was the Education Endowment Foundation’s Content Specialist for Literacy in 2021-22 and is working with them in 2022-23 in an alumni capacity.


Find Sarah on Twitter: @thelitcoachuk

Using Literacy to Widen Children’s Experiences with Laura Lodge

About the workshop:
Building fluency and mastery in oracy, reading and writing depends on children’s experiences, both within Literacy lessons and more widely. But this is a two-way street – Literacy lessons can be used as vehicles to widen children’s experiences, building a web of knowledge to support their next steps.

Laura, a curriculum expert in KS1 and KS2 Reading for the DfE and an experienced moderator, specialises in providing bespoke training to schools across the curriculum, with a particular focus on English. She leads the One Education Reading Award and is passionate about ensuring every child becomes a fluent reader who loves to read.


Find Laura on Twitter: @lauralodge208

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