Safeguarding Conference 2020 Keynote Speaker Matthew Norford

By Safeguarding Team on 08 Jul 2020



Matthew became involved in gangs and lived a criminal life from a young age, which he remained in for 17 years. Matthew and his brother became more experienced and gained more respect within gang culture, leading them to become leaders of a gang within South Manchester. Matthew powerfully and openly talks about the struggles he faced in this lifestyle, including numerous prison sentences, being shot, carrying and storing drugs and guns as well as the consequences of this.

Matthew’s story opens your eyes and shows you the reality of gang life for young people as well as educates professionals to the signs and indicators of young people potentially going down the same path. Matthew turned his life around and became rehabilitated in 2011 and went on to start his own company,1 Message, with the aim to defer children and young people from going down the same path as himself.

Matthew works with young people on overcoming issues, gaining respect, leaving gang-life and living a crime-free life. Matthew also delivers workshops and training to professionals who work with young people on knife crime, grooming and Child Criminal Exploitation.

Visit website: 1message

Find Matthew on Twitter: @matthew_norford

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