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Pressure to get it right!

By Jo Gray on

In school, the term is busy, exciting and filled with new beginnings for children and staff alike.

There seems to be a growing pressure on teachers in the end of each Key Stage to ensure that children do well in the current assessment system.

Trying to keep hold of our core beliefs can be difficult at times but by ensuring we revisit our vision and our purpose, we can help ourselves to focus on what really matters.

Look at this review on a belief on assessment for learning, an area that many practitioners are discussing at the moment.

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Visual Stress

By Paul Gee on

Irlen’s syndrome, also known simply as ‘visual stress’, refers to a difficulty with visual processing which some readers appear to experience when confronted with black-on-white text.

But what is the solution? ...Do coloured overlays really help children with reading difficulties?

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Pupil Attendance in September

By Education Welfare and Safeguarding Team on

The start of the new academic year can be an exciting time for pupils and school staff; with a summer's worth of adventures to talk about and a year’s worth of learning to begin.

For pupils with historic poor attendance, the first days back in September will be very important. How can you hit those important attendance targets?

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8 Top Tips for Safeguarding

By Education Welfare and Safeguarding Team on

The new school year is a fresh start with new beginnings, remember that your vulnerable children and young people are now returning to a safe space. A place of support, care, empathy and sympathy – a place where YOU are there to help and support!

Does your school have a robust, relevant and useful safeguarding policy and are procedures in place?

Read our top tips for safeguarding.

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Back to the 80's with The Big Sing 2018

By One Education on

Years 5, 6, 7 and 8 children, music teachers, heads of music and music coordinators were all invited to come and join in the fun and sing along with other schools in the prestigious Bridgewater Hall.

After the Big Sing, Carla Jane, One Education's vocal teacher, received an email from the children at the Ravensbury Primary School.

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A new electronic music initiative in secondary schools

By Caro C on

One Education Music is passionate about music education including the field of electronic music and music technology. We have already enabled and empowered many children and young people in this important area of music and the music industry.

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