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Educational Psychology

Happiness - our greatest gift

By John Woods on

With Christmas good cheer and a New Year around the corner, it's a perfect time to focus on how to cultivate happiness into our lives, by taking a look at "Positive Psychology".

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Snow Closures vs No Closures

By Guest Writer on

Due to the recent extreme weather and more predicted on its way, are you prepared if it affects you? There are mixed feelings amongst school staff about the benefits of the hard work involved in adopting a business as usual approach at times of extreme weather.

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School Finance

Budget statement November 2017

By Stuart Fern on

In the first of the newly rescheduled November Budget statements, Chancellor Philip Hammond delivered a budget that was more akin to the last budget of a party’s term in government rather than the first one of a thrusting and eager new administration.

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Why teach music technology?

By Lindsay Thomas on

The teaching of music technology is exciting and continues to evolve rapidly. It does not replace traditional concepts of music teaching, but offers twenty-first century tools to enhance and expand the learning experience.

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Fabricated Induced Illness (FII)

By Hayley Smith on

Recently, the awareness of mental health issues in the news has been increasing in prominence, and rightly so. However, the full extent of how this may affect a child or young person regarding fabricated or induced illness by proxy, is still not understood.

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HR Support

Flexible working in schools

By Rachel Foster on

Speaking at the summit at Ark All Saints Academy in Camberwell, the Secretary of State said the education system needed to improve its flexible working offer to continue to attract high-calibre individuals into teaching and close the gender pay gap...

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