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Boycotting school to protest about SATs


By One Education
on 05 May, 2016

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School Attendance Boycott

This week many parents planned to keep their children off school to make a stand against the government's SATs tests.

In 2015, the government instigated a drive to improve standards in schools; this made the curriculum more demanding, noticeably in English and Maths and was in conjunction with more demanding forms of assessment.

SATs were introduced to monitor a school’s achievements and to assess pupils’ attainment and progress. The debate is whether the tests are causing unnecessary stress for pupils to the detriment of other opportunities, rather than providing a clear assessment framework. In some schools pupils are unaware that they are actually being tested and in others, the focus on preparing for the tests is paramount. Children are in the middle of all this and the question is whether withdrawing them from a day’s education is the best way to protest.

Nicky Morgan, Education Secretary, stated that "Keeping children home, even for a day is harmful to their education".

Whatever your views, many schools are left with the issue of how to record pupils' absence due to the boycott. If pupils have been kept off school for this reason, they should receive an unauthorised absence and will need to catch up on the work they have missed that day.

If you have any questions following the boycott and how it might have affected your school, please contact us for attendance advice and support. 

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