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Abigail has worked as an educational psychologist in Manchester and Oldham. She is a former secondary teacher of modern languages, special needs, head of year and European tour guide. She is a specialist practitioner for post 16 educational psychology.

Abigail is part of the Central Manchester CAMHS Social Communication Assessment and Intervention Team (SCAIT) and particularly enjoys running post-diagnosis workshops and drop-in advice sessions for the parents of children with autism. She is often in awe of the challenges parents face and the ingenuity and resilience they display. She also enjoys providing consultation and training to teachers about the needs of children with autism.

Abigail is lead author of Domestic Violence and Children (Routledge). She has worked with Oldham Family Crisis Group, Women’s Aid and Barnardos. She runs courses for educational professionals, has designed and delivered training for the police and conferences for young people. She also contributes to Educational Psychology and PGCE training courses. Abigail has also worked with fostering and adoption teams

Abigail has parented three teenagers. She is a school governor and in her free time, enjoys tennis, running and windsurfing.

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Educational Psychology

Sleep, Lies and Videogames

By Abigail Sterne on

Are we, as educators, missing a trick by not teaching young people about the importance of adequate sleep for wellbeing? Poor sleep has a negative effect on behaviour and learning and causes consternation in families.

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