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Our specialist safeguarding team will work with schools and academies to help ensure their safeguarding arrangements are nothing less than outstanding.

We are passionate about supporting schools and academies with a shared commitment and belief that all children have the right to feel safe, secure and protected from any kind of abuse.

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Pupil Attendance in September

By Education Welfare and Safeguarding Team on

The start of the new academic year can be an exciting time for pupils and school staff; with a summer's worth of adventures to talk about and a year’s worth of learning to begin.

For pupils with historic poor attendance, the first days back in September will be very important. How can you hit those important attendance targets?

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8 Top Tips for Safeguarding

By Education Welfare and Safeguarding Team on

The new school year is a fresh start with new beginnings, remember that your vulnerable children and young people are now returning to a safe space. A place of support, care, empathy and sympathy – a place where YOU are there to help and support!

Does your school have a robust, relevant and useful safeguarding policy and are procedures in place?

Read our top tips for safeguarding.

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