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Susan is an Educational Psychologist who joined the profession after a having variety of other experiences, including working in product design at RNIB (Royal National Institute for the Blind), being a Maths teacher in both secondary and further education settings, researching Maths education at MMU (Manchester Metropolitan University) and holding Non-Executive positions in the NHS.

Her core value that underpins all of these is that people should be enabled – keeping this in mind guides how her professional development has shaped up in each context.

Hence now at One Education where Susan finds herself supporting one of the Pupil Referral Units, she is where possible focussing her development time on researching how best to effect real change for children who have experienced early trauma and relationship disturbance.

Outside of work Susan likes to be physically active. She and her husband also spend time developing a woodland.

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Young People

What is Executive Function?

By Susan Darby on

It really is the Boss of the Brain – the Control Centre. It is in the front of your brain, just behind your forehead, in a place called the prefrontal cortex. Executive Function allows us to have self-control, take a step back and think about what we are thinking and doing, plan what we want or need to do.

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