STRB Submissions


By Rachel Foster
on 09 December, 2016

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STRB stakeholder submissions

Further to our article on Teachers' Pay on 13 November various submissions have now been made to the School Teachers' Review Body (STRB) which itself then makes recommendations to the Secretary of State on school teachers' pay and conditions of employment. 

The annual cycle for the Review Body starts with a series of directions (a remit) from the Secretary of State. The Review Body then calls for evidence from employers (including the National Employers' Organisation for School Teachers (NEOST), trade unions and governors' representatives before making its recommendations to the Secretary of State. 

In October 2016 the Secretary of State for Education asked the STRB to produce its 27th Report by April 2017 to address the following remit: ‘What adjustments should be made to the salary and allowance ranges for classroom teachers, unqualified teachers and school leaders to promote recruitment and retention within the 1% limit for pay awards for public sector workers?’

In submitting evidence to the Review Body, its statutory consultees were asked to provide evidence, in particular, on the following: 

  • The school workforce, including in relation to recruitment and retention
  • Teachers’ pay – comparative levels and the implementation of recent reforms
  • Schools’ financial positions and the impact of annual teachers’ pay awards on school budgets. 

NEOST is the employer representative body for all maintained schools in England and Wales. It draws its members from the Local Government Association, the Welsh Local Government Association, the Church of England Board of Education, the Catholic Education Service and the Freedom and Autonomy for Schools National Association. To inform this evidence the NEOST secretariat consulted all education authorities in addition to drawing feedback via regional schools human resources networks. NEOST would like to see a recommendation for a 1% increase to every salary, and allowance other than those set initially at school level, in payment albeit is very cognisant of the restrictions on school budgets. 

Voice, the union for education professionals, represents teachers, lecturers, school support staff and childcare professionals, has also submitted evidence to STRB. It feels that it is vital that the 27th Report takes a more radical and different approach to enable the tide to turn on the current very worrying trends. 

The Secretary of State is empowered to accept, amend or reject recommendations from the Review Body. In April 2017 the STRB will submit its 27th Report to the Secretary of State on the matters in its latest remit, which this year is restricted to the 2017/18 pay award. 

One Education will keep you updated on further news on this issue and if you would like HR support including assistance with school pay policies, teacher pay performance reviews or ISR reviews please contact One Education's HR team on 0844 967 1112.

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