Comprehension and early language


By Jo Gray
on 02 March, 2015

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Comprehension and early language

Early years and school settings play a crucial role in reinforcing language comprehension skills.

Research on reading development in pre-school children highlights the inter-relationship between early language comprehension skills and reading comprehension (van den Broek and Kremer, 1999). Importantly activating prior knowledge, predicting, inferring and summarising, provide a more accurate predictor of children’s reading comprehension than decoding (Storch and Whitehurst, 2002).

Try asking these questions: is my school a communication-friendly place? Are we using visual props to support pupil understanding of stories? Do pupils listen to and understand information, use a developing bank of vocabulary effectively, and ask and answer questions? Do we identify pupils who need additional support to develop early language skills?; and finally, can staff at my school create opportunities and situations to develop early language development?

Find resources, ideas and games here and here.

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