DfE announces KS1 Phonics Results


By One Education
on 02 October, 2016

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Phonics screening

By the end of year 2, more than 9 in 10 pupils (91%) met the standard in 2016, an increase of 1% from 2015.

Reviewing the Phonics screening results, it is clear that more children in Year 1 are able to blend and segment confidently, and are using decoding skills to read with accuracy. Letters and Sounds, and approaches following the principles advocated in it, have transformed the reading process and helped many children to become secure and fluent readers. However, some learners, for whom Phonics has not been as effective, need a different approach to the teaching of Reading.

Our Literacy consultants can support you to develop a multi-dimensional approach to Early and KS1 reading, to ensure that your children develop a love of literature alongside the essential skills needed to decode words in the screening test. Contact Jo Gray on 0844 967 1111 for more information.

End of KS1 Assessments

The DfE has stated that, as levels are no longer used to report results, ‘figures for 2016 are not comparable to those for earlier years.’ The bar has been raised with the introduction of a more challenging curriculum in 2014, and, all things considered, KS1 children have performed well:

  • 74% of pupils met the expected standard in reading (24% working at greater depth)
  • 73% in mathematics (18% working at greater depth)
  • 65% in writing (13% at greater depth)

Writing is the area to focus on in KS1. If 24% of children achieve greater depth at reading, it should be a very similar figure for writing. Ensuring learning in reading and writing compliments and develops each other is an essential aspect of raising outcomes in both subjects. One Education has a unique text-based approach to teaching writing that immerses children in literature, develops their comprehension skills, and harnesses their enthusiasm for the text, thus enabling them to become fully engaged in the writing process and develop their skills and understanding.

For more information on how we can work with your school to improve writing outcomes, contact the One Education Literacy Team on 0844 967 1111.

Read the full DfE release here.

Authored by Fay Gingell.

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