Reading for pleasure

One of life’s joys - reading for pleasure


By Laura Lodge
on 07 June, 2018

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Reading for pleasure

Reading can be one of life’s joys and few can resist the lure of a good book. However, far too many children struggle to enjoy texts and develop a love of reading whilst at school.

Many teachers are rightly beginning to examine how they can encourage reading for pleasure and develop this key life skill amongst their pupils.

We are lucky enough to work with a large number of schools in developing their reading for pleasure culture through the One Education Reading Award.

The staff we support have worked incredibly hard to become “Reader Teachers”, familiarising themselves with new children’s texts and sharing their reading with others.

Schools have also extended their understanding of children’s reading preferences by completing family reading surveys, encouraging reading wish boxes and creating reading councils.


All of these actions have meant that staff are now far more confident in making specific text recommendations to the children they teach.

This in turn has encouraged their pupils to become wider readers by hooking them into new authors and genres.

 In one school, children have become so enthralled that some have even been found to be squirreling new books away to ensure they can read them next!


These ideas and many more will be explored in more detail at our Creating a Reading Culture course on Thursday, 5th July.

The day will focus on developing all aspects of the Reading curriculum, including Reading for Pleasure. Peters Books will be running a library workshop and every delegate will leave with a free book as well as a multitude of ideas to take back to school. 


A love of literacy will also be at the core of our annual conference on Thursday, 4th October featuring inspiring speakers, workshops and peer-to-peer networking. Book now to secure your early bird offer.