Back to the 80's with The Big Sing 2018

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The Big Sing 2018

The year's Big Sing was bigger and better than ever and its "Back to the 80's" theme went down a storm! 

Years 5, 6, 7 and 8 children, music teachers, heads of music and music coordinators were all invited to come and join in the fun on 29th June and sing along with other schools in the prestigious Bridgewater Hall.

The Big Sing is always the perfect opportunity to dress up and let your hair down! It was fantastic to see so many children (and teachers) really get into the 80's spirit!

The event was led by a professional band and it wasn't long before everyone in the audience were stood up, clapping, singing and dancing to classic 80's hits, such as Eye of the Tiger by Survivor and Radio Ga Ga by Queen, Walking on Sunshine by Katrina & The Waves and What a Feeling by Irene Cara.

The hall was filled with big hair and leg warmers, brightly-coloured costumes, blow up microphones, guitars and boomboxes... and even the Ghostbusters paid us a visit!

The Big Sing 2018 - Ghostbusters The Big Sing - Class photo

Watch our highlights video below:

Ravensbury Primary School Surprise Visit:

Ravensbury Primary School

After The Big Sing, Carla Jane, vocal teacher at One Education, who performed at the event, received an email from the children at the Ravensbury Primary School.

"After receiving an email expressing that the children from Ravensbury Primary school were still buzzing and were super inspired after their recent involvement in this year's Big Sing at The Bridgewater Hall, it was thought that it would be a nice surprise for them if I attended their end-of-term performance.

I battled through rush hour traffic to get to their early afternoon performance, and the look on their faces as I walked in made that effort worthwhile. They made me feel like a celebrity, staring wide-eyed with equally wide open mouths, as they recognised me. A priceless moment. (Now I know how Beyonce feels)! 

What lovely talented children. They demonstrated their skills in singing, in comedy and poetry, all supported by their encouraging teachers. Excellent!! Yet another reason why I love my job."
Carla Jane, Vocal teacher
One Education.

A message to the children at Ravensbury Primary School from One Education Vocalist, Alex Hancock:

"I am so pleased that you were inspired by our ‘Big Sing’, so much so that you created your own talent contest – well done and I hope that it is a wonderful success. So sorry I can’t be with you today, but I do not live in Manchester and I am teaching elsewhere today so by the time I travel over, your performances would have finished.

Keep reaching for your dreams and make the most of opportunities which come your way. You live in an amazing city which offers so much musically and you are in excellent hands, both within a school which values singing and music so much and within a service ‘One Education Music’ who truly are the best!

Musical opportunities when I was at school were few and far between but thankfully so much has changed for the better. Keep working hard, keep being inspired and keep singing. Who knows where it will take you!

Finally, please know that your inspiration is inspiration to me and I am sure that many of my colleagues would echo these sentiments. Wishing you every success in your musical futures!"