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By Lindsay Thomas
on 22 June, 2016

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Proud to Announce a New Partnership

One Education Music is delighted to be working in partnership with Musical Futures: Just Play, and with St Ambrose RC Primary School.Children learning Ukulele in school music lesson

We share the strong belief that music should be inclusive, engaging, accessible and relevant.

One Education Music curriculum and instrumental teacher, Richard Sanderson, has been trialling the Just Play resources at St Ambrose RC Primary School. One Education Music was the first large music organisation in the country to offer training in Musical Futures: Just Play to its instrumental staff in order to enhance its offer to schools.

Musical Futures: Just Play has been designed for primary teachers who don’t consider themselves to be music specialists. It’s also ideal for secondary music teachers who want to build basic instrumental skills with key stage three pupils on a range of instruments commonly found in the secondary classroom such as ukuleles, guitars, keyboards and percussion. 

children playing bass guitar in school music lessonHeadteacher of St Ambrose RC Primary, Ruth Vayro, is keen for St Ambrose RC to be a centre of excellence and has made music a key part of the school improvement plan. The pupils are proud to have the biggest primary rock band in Manchester and the school is keen to track pupil progress, attitudes and impact on wider learning outcomes. The school has committed time and resource: timetabling the hall space; encouraging interested staff to attend training and after school club; and supplementing instrumental stock with two bass guitars, amps, ukuleles and two keyboards.

children playing guitar in school music lesson

Every Wednesday Mr Sanderson teaches a year four class session and an after school key stage two ‘Just Play’ club who are preparing for their first public performance in July. In the first half term pupils rotated between ukulele, guitar, chair drumming, keyboards and bass guitar. This experience helped them to make a more informed choice about choosing an instrument for the new song – Shawn Mendes’ ‘Stitches’.

Head of One Education Music, Lindsay Thomas, observed a recent class session and after school club. All pupils were actively engaged, confident in their own abilities and keen to talk about why they enjoyed the sessions.

Feedback from students:

  • Romarni: "Learning modern jazzy poppy style songs we like"
  • Randi: “Understanding what we do more because we learn everything step by step.”
  • Ben: “It’s amazing…easy to learn, really.”
  • Nina was keen to perform, as “An audience would like the sound and realise our potential.”

For more information about music in schools, or how we can support your school with music, contact Lindsay Thomas on 0844 967 1116

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