September Ofsted Update


By Guest Writer
on 15 September, 2017

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September Ofsted Update for Inspectors

The September Ofsted update for inspectors gives helpful insight and reiterates that data is ‘a signpost, not a destination for inspection’.

Over the summer Ofsted inspectors have been training on:

  • assessing the capacity and impact of school leaders and managers, especially in schools in challenging circumstances;
  • inspecting the practice and impact of safeguarding;
  • and examining the new inspection data summary reports (IDSRs).

Caution against over interpretation of variability in the new GCSE or A-level is expected and new school data analysts at Ofsted are available for inspectors to contact if their interpretation of the data is different from that of the school.

Progress 8 and Attainment 8 will be available from 26 September 2017.

The update is very detailed about how inspectors might identify ‘gaming the system’ through unusual examination entry patterns that are to the detriment of pupils. HMCI Amanda Spielman brings her background in statistics to bear and warns against over-focusing on the performance of groups when the data is sometimes not robust enough to infer underperformance due to the small numbers.

One Education are running an Ofsted Framework Updates Briefing for headteachers and senior leaders to share the summer updates from Ofsted as well as sharing what it means for you in your schools.

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Authored by Jane Sowerby