Your Language is a Gift


By One Education
on 10 July, 2016

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Your Language is a Gift

Last week saw the launch of a new film made by two speech and language therapists in partnership with Multilingual Manchester (based within The University of Manchester School of Languages, Linguistics and Cultures) and volunteers from the university who made the film.

The film aims to highlight the importance of promoting a child’s home language and shows a variety of different families sharing their views. Many families hear from professionals about the importance of promoting their home language but it is refreshing to see it from a parent’s perspective.

There are three films, the first is a clip called ‘Your language is a gift: background and aims’ with Ruth Crowe and Rachel Tuckley (speech and language therapists) explain the rationale behind the videos.

There are also two versions of the film made with the parents, with or without subtitles and they can be used to support training for parents and any professionals working with parents.

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