8 Top Tips for Safeguarding


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8 Top Tips for Safeguarding vulnerable pupils

The new school year is a fresh start with new beginnings, remember that your vulnerable children and young people are now returning to a safe space.

A place of support, care, empathy and sympathy – a place where YOU are there to help and support!

Does your school have a robust, relevant and useful safeguarding policy and are procedures in place?

Our top tips for safeguarding:

  1. Ensure everyone is aware of the indicators of abuse and understands what to do if they are worried about a child.
  2. Do all pupils know who to go to if they are concerned about anything?
  3. Include your safeguarding policy and information about how families can access help and support on your website.
  4. Ensure your single central record is maintained accurately and is kept up-to-date with everyone who should be included.
  5. Work together with other agencies, and don't be afraid to challenge the opinions / actions of others to ensure you are not placing a child at any further risk.
  6. Analyse your data effectively to develop a safeguarding strategy that includes a preventative focus.
  7. Appoint a lead governor for safeguarding who has the appropriate training and experience; establish a safeguarding sub-group.
  8. Undertake an annual safeguarding audit; use this to develop an action plan that links to the school’s improvement plan.

We can support you

Our Safeguarding team can work with you, supporting with statutory duties and helping to secure effective safeguarding arrangements.

We can work with you to undertake Safeguarding Self Assessments, provide foundation level and DSL training, professional supervision and support you to develop your policies and practice through on-site support.

For an informal discussion about the types of support that may be useful to you, call us on 0844 967 1111 or enquire online.