Getting PSHE right


By One Education
on 23 February, 2015

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With echoes of ‘Not yet good enough’ (Ofsted 2014), the Office of the Children’s Commissioner published a report this week reiterating concerns that PSHE remains a non-statutory curriculum subject for schools.

While schools can tailor the curriculum to reflect local needs and draw on expertise from professional organisations, this does not address the concerns of the majority of teachers, many of whom do not feel competent or confident enough to address some of the more complex safeguarding issues.

Children and young people need to be informed so they can be empowered to be safe and seek support where needed, but this also needs to be delivered in a way that recognises that some of the children being taught about issues, such as sexual abuse, female genital mutilation and violent extremism, may well have personal experience of it.

As a starting point, the PSHE Association have further guidance and resources.

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