KCSIE - Key Changes


By Carrie-Ann Varey
on 08 September, 2016

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Key changes to KCSIE - Keeping Children Safe in Education

On 5 September 2016 an amended version of Keeping Children Safe in Education came into force with further emphasis on the need for all professionals to understand that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility.

Obligations for schools to ensure that all members of staff are appropriately trained are also highlighted. As a result, it is important that schools and settings are revisiting their safeguarding policies and procedures and ensuring that all staff, including lunchtime organisers, office support, site management, as well as pupil-facing professionals are trained to at least foundation level. Schools and academies must also ensure that there is an adequate amount of Designated Safeguarding Lead trained deputies to support the Designated Safeguarding Lead and ensure provision is in place in case of sickness or emergency.

The amended guidance also makes clear that as well as a basic level of understanding and training, school staff should have awareness of more specific safeguarding issues, with E-Safety, Female Genital Mutilation and peer on peer abuse, explicitly referred to.

For more information about the change to the guidance, you can invite one of our Safeguarding specialists into your setting for a free half hour briefing or attend our Safeguarding briefings and conference.

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