School Finance - An SBM Perspective


By Sue Lamb
on 07 July, 2016

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My previous life as a School Business Manager

In my opinion, the opportunity to provide essential support to both teachers and schools leaders so that they can focus on teaching and learning is a very privileged one. It means that as a whole school team we can make a difference to every child and the education they receive. This was one of the reasons I became a School Business Manager (SBM).

The School Business Manager’s role is a very diverse one which, in a nutshell, oversees the business management of the school. Bringing both administrative and logistical skills to the role, an SBM is responsible not only for the finances of the school, but also for the premises, including health and safety, internal HR and the line management of premises and administration staff (and much more besides).

I can honestly say that no two days were ever the same when working in a school. No amount of planning for my day could account for how it would eventually pan out, and that’s why I was hooked as soon as I started; the variety and the challenges are what make it such a great place to work.

When I joined One Education, I knew that as educational support specialists, I would be able to continue my passion and enthusiasm for making a difference to every child, but I did worry that my day to day routine would not be as varied as that of working in a school full time. I could not have been more wrong!

My diary for the past couple of weeks has seen me:

  • providing bursary support cover for a school
  • performing final year end close downs and uploading the final CFRs (consistent financial report) to the COLLECT website
  • fixing new 16/17 budgets on the finance system
  • updating the budgeting software and finance system with budget changes
  • producing budget changes sheets
  • assisting schools with the preparation of paperwork for Governors meetings
  • holding a team meeting
  • hosting our School Finance summer update event

The School Finance team run termly update events which are free of charge for our SLA customers but paid places are also available to non-SLA customers.

Our summer update event provided SBMs and headteachers with the opportunity to not only network with colleagues from other local schools but also the chance to gain essential information and updates on new products and services from the Local Authority, HCSS, Capita, Governor support services and ICT support services.

Our next event is due to take place in September. If you would like more information regarding our update events, please contact us on 0844 967 1111.

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In the meantime, I am off to see what my diary has in store for me next week…….

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