Educational Excellence Everywhere Next Steps


By Kieran McDermott
on 09 May, 2016

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Next Steps to implement the Educational Excellence Everywhere Whitepaper

The latest announcement from the DfE reveals that Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has backed away from her plan to legislate for the blanket academy conversion of all schools.

A Change in the Plans for Academisation

The statement strongly reasserts the government's commitment to delivering a rapid acceleration of the current academy programme. The DfE would appear to have regrouped in response to recent criticism and come back with a plan to "park", ameliorate or withdraw from the more problematic issues it is facing (rural schools, high performing shire authorities, etc) and instead to focus harder on the quicker, less contentious conversion opportunities (failing LAs, convertor good schools setting up MATs, etc) whereas the DfE says "the need to move to academy status is most pressing". 

This approach may well be designed to enable the government to reach a system-wide tipping point when academy status is the norm and blanket legislation therefore would be simply a tidying up exercise.

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