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By Kieran McDermott
on 17 March, 2016

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A summary of the whitepaper

Further to our blog on the March 2016 Budget, we can provide a brief summary of the content, and how it has the potential to directly affect your school.

The DfE have issued a whitepaper entitled Educational Excellence Everywhere, in which Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has outlined radical new proposals that will potentially impact upon all of England's schools.

The whitepaper outlines continued plans for the full academisation of all schools, as well as reforms to teacher qualifications, according them the same status of expertise as doctors and lawyers. There are also details around the future development of the next generation of school leaders.

Academy Conversion

The whitepaper confirms the government's proposed strategy, that all schools should be converted to academy status, or in the process of converting, by the end of 2020. It also suggests that the majority of these work in Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) in order to pool staff and resources; further increasing the expertise and performance at a local level. 

Teacher Qualifications

A new accreditation will replace the current qualified teacher status (QTS) awarding teachers for 'classroom proficiency' including subject knowledge and behaviour management.

Leadership Improvement

The government is proposing the introduction of 'Improvement periods' - during which schools will be exempt from OFSTED inspections. These periods could be up to three years at a time, giving heads the opportunity to make significant improvements between inspections. 

Other key focus areas

  • Continued commitment to support an independent college of teaching 
  • Consulting on a fairer national funding formula for schools
  • More leadership development training is planned to be delivered by successfully performing schools

UPDATE 9 May 2016: Educational Excellence Everywhere Next Steps Announced

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