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on 23 July, 2016

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In case you missed it last weekend, Ofsted have released RAISEonline news  giving some indication about what the 2016 RAISE will look like, although more detail will be issued in September. There will be no historical data for KS1, KS2 or KS4 as the data are not comparable with previous years. Progress and attainment data will be shown for the following groups: all pupils; pupils with low, middle and high prior attainment; and disadvantaged pupils.

There is a continued emphasis on comparing school data for disadvantaged learners with national data for non-disadvantaged learners. The familiar shading where green denotes significantly above national average (sig+) and blue denotes significantly below (sig-) has been replaced with a more complex set of colouring as follows: bright green means sig+ and top 10%; pale green means sig+ but not top 10%; pale red means sig- but not bottom 10%; bright red means sig- and bottom 10%. 

This means that access to a colour printer is even more important than it was with the old report! We await progress data and more RAISE information in early September.

Authored by Jane Sowerby

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