The best use of TAs?


By Guest Writer
on 09 March, 2015

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The best use of teaching assistants?

The EEF’s new report Making the best use of teaching assistants (TAs) provides important guidance.

The proportion of full-time TAs has more than trebled since 2000 going from 79,000 to 243,700; an average primary school now spends over £4,000 on TAs every week (£167,700 per annum) so it’s well worth taking a fresh look at the impact.

A key finding is that typical deployment is not leading to improvement in academic outcomes and it makes recommendations for use of TAs in the classroom, in delivering structured interventions out of class, and on integration between structured interventions and the classroom.

Does the balance need to change in your school? Do your TAs need support through training? Look out for the review of professional TA standards due this spring.

Authored by Jane Sowerby

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