Take part in a pioneering new trial

Take part in a pioneering new trial


By Helen Marriott
on 08 June, 2018

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Pioneering new trial

This year One Education has been fortunate to be involved in an EEF funded 20-week programme proven to help young children overcome language difficulties.
My role as a NELI area lead has been to provide training and support for TAs involved in the first trial of this Nuffield Early Language Intervention programme.
In January there were two days training looking at language development as well as how to deliver the programme in school. 


This included how to provide a mixture of individual and group sessions targeting vocabulary, narrative skills, active listening and phonological awareness for children who could benefit from the programme.

After the training there have been a series of informative follow up webinars, a face to face session, as well as ongoing online support for participants via a dedicated Facebook group and email.


This year there have been 200 schools involved in the trial across the country and there is an opportunity to take part in an extension of the trial next year.

Read our information leaflet for further details about the research project.

Attend our question and answer session on Thursday 21st June (9am) at The Holiday Inn. These sessions will be led by Elklan and will give further information about the project.

Please see the link for videos of intervention sessions: