EAL Support for Academies

Our specialist teachers and bilingual language support assistants deliver outcomes for all children and young people and their families speaking English as an additional language.

Whether children and young people are newly arrived and at the early stages of learning English as an additional language or they are at a later stage in developing English language proficiency, we can support you to meet their individual needs.

In order to ensure that you can offer the best possible support for EAL pupils new to school, we can support you to set up, and conduct, a comprehensive induction programme and build capacity within your team. Once pupils are in school, our specialist teachers, supported by a member of our bi-lingual support team, can undertake first language assessments to identify each pupils’ strengths and areas for development to guide teaching and learning. These assessments are useful when children are newly arrived in school, for pupils who do not appear to be making expected progress and for high ability pupils (HAPs) and are suitable for all age groups.

Once pupils are proficient in basic interpersonal communication skills (BICS), our specialist teachers can advise and support teachers to develop pupils as later stage language learners. Developing cognitive and academic language proficiency (CALP) is an essential part of any academy’s EAL provision as it supports children to reach their true potential. In addition, our trained examiners can support you to deliver excellent outcomes in speaking and writing exams at GCSE level, and speaking exams at AS level, in minority languages.

Why not commission a package of support to meet the needs of EAL pupils within your Academy Trust?

For more information, please enquire via the form below or call Jo Gray 0844 967 1111.