Governor Support for Academies

The Governor Support Team has extensive knowledge and experience of working with both single and Multi-Academy trusts, providing advice, guidance, training and support to Trust Boards, Members and Local Governing Boards. 


As the focus on academy leadership and governance by the DfE and Ofsted continues to increase, the value of a professional clerking service has been highlighted, particularly within inspections. 

One Education provides a variety of high quality clerking services to meet your needs by delivering expert advice, guidance and administrative support on all matters of academy governance. We support single and Multi-Academy trusts to meet the requirements of their Funding Agreements, Articles and the EFA Academies Financial Handbook. Our clerks support all the meetings that your academy might require including Trust Boards, Annual General Meetings, Local Governing Bodies and Committees.

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Governor & Trustee Advice and Guidance

We can offer everything academy governors/trustees need in one place which includes the Chair’s telephone advice line offering access to an expert who can talk you through governance issues.

The Academy Governing Body Meeting Termly Handbook is a practical guide to statutory and recommended agenda items which provides termly updates on policy issues pertinent to academies as well as standard agenda structures for key academy meetings. Termly networking events for Chairs of Governors providing up to date information and a forum for discussion and problem solving for Chairs.

Governor & Trustee Professional Development

We have a dedicated group of experienced professionals with up-to-date knowledge to deliver courses of the highest quality. Our content is relevant and interesting, taking into account learning styles and audiences. We deliver termly new governor training courses and bespoke training delivered to your academy's governing body to cover a topic of your choice.

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