Lockdown Procedures

School and Academy Lockdown Procedures

The guidance from the Department for Education states schools should have a process to deal with Lock Down situations combined within their Emergency Planning Procedures and developed with the help of appropriate experts.

However the DfE have not produced a template document due to the complex nature of critical incidents acknowledging no two are the same. 

All schools and academies should consider the need for robust and tested lockdown procedures. The procedures should be a sensible and proportionate response to any external or internal incident which has the potential to pose a threat to the safety of staff and pupils in the school.

Collyhurst Nursery School

After the Lock Down audit had been completed and the draft policy had been drawn up, we arranged for a whole team briefing to put the policy into action. This was a fantastic practical INSET session where staff were relaxed and comfortable to ask questions to help them get a real sense of how to respond in a lock down situation. John and Tony delivered the session brilliantly and set the tone perfectly! The session allowed staff to take an active part in finalising our policy and they left the session with a real sense of ownership and understanding of our lock down emergency procedures.

Any procedures should aim to minimise disruption to the learning environment whilst ensuring the safety of all pupils and staff. Lockdown procedures may be activated in response to any number of situations:

  • A reported incident / civil disturbance in the local community
  • An intruder on the school site
  • A warning being received regarding a risk locally, of air pollution - smoke plume, gas cloud etc
  • A major fire in the vicinity of the school
  • The close proximity of a dangerous dog roaming loose
  • A swarm of wasps

It is not possible to prescribe or advise on generic details of a school’s lockdown plan as there are a number of variables that will dictate exactly how an individual school responds to those situations identified. Differentials may include;

  • Type of building / access arrangements
  • Outside perimeter security / layout of buildings
  • Number of pupils and staff
  • Age / needs of pupils and staff
  • Controls to raise an alarm in case of an emergency
  • Variable internal communication systems - radio / PA systems etc.

One Education works with a team of security consultants at Stealth Ops UK who can offer your school and academy a Lock Down audit.  This will entail a two to three hour site visit where they will survey your perimeter security and access points. 

They will provide you with general guidance in relation to your security arrangements and lock down procedures and also develop a specific lock down process for your school taking into considerations the differentials listed above.  They can also offer help and support with training and development for staff and oversee a lock down drill in operation.

Bowker Vale Primary School

We had the Lock Down audit last term, it was a great exercise which really focused my thinking on potential emergency situations and security in school. The facilitators were helpful and re-assuring and I feel I got all areas of concern covered. The team were very professional and provided the expertise and knowledge which we didn't have in order to put together a lock down procedure.

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