Therapeutic Interventions for Academies and MATs

Research shows that social emotional competence is key to children and young people’s readiness to learn - and to realising their potential for academic achievement.

Whether you are improving your whole school framework for Emotional Well-Being and Mental Health – EWB-MH, working out how it dovetails with your behaviour policy or seeking specialist support to fill identified gaps in your provision for particularly vulnerable children, we can help you.

Creativity, fun and learning contribute to emotional literacy and resilience. Each school’s strengths regarding EWB-MH are unique, as is the strength collectively of each MAT. We will develop and build on these strengths, creating dynamic, effective and unified strategies across your schools.

A combination of our experienced, school-based therapists will work with you to deliver staff training on attachment, trauma responses and how the brain functions under stress, based on the latest research on neuro-science and creative approaches; capacity-building and direct sessions for individuals or groups, using a range of outcome-oriented, evidence-based therapies.

For more information, please enquire online or call Deirdre McConnell on 0844 967 1111.