Joining a MAT

A guide for School Leaders & Governors

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Joining a Multi-Academy Trust

A guide for School Leaders & Governors

Stage 1 – Options and planning

  • Consider if you wish to join an existing MAT or wish to create your own.
  • Talk to other Headteachers and Governors who have recently joined or started a MAT. Ask questions about what went well or how things could have been better.
  • Research key documents available from the Department for Education
  • Consider the skills of your leadership team and Governing Body, do you need support from external agencies?
  • Think about the ethos and vision of your school, do you want to retain this in the new MAT?
  • Research potential partners, what challenge / support can they offer your school to improve?
  • Review the Academies Financial Handbook
  • Draft and prepare a business plan and consider Governance plans.

Stage 2 – Registration of interest

Stage 3 –Application to convert and necessary checks

  • Resolution to convert is minuted during Full Governing Body meeting
  • Application to convert submitted to DFE
  • Set up of a charitable company with memorandum and articles of association
  • Commence the TUPE process
  • Land & Buildings survey undertaken
  • Academy order issued by Secretary of State
  • Continue consultation with stakeholders

Stage 4 – Completion of key tasks

  • Submit grant claim to DFE which covers the costs associated with a conversion (currently £25,000)
  • Register the MAT with Companies House
  • Completion of transfer for Land & Buildings assets
  • Completion of the TUPE process
  • Completion of consultation with stakeholders
  • Funding Agreement submitted to Secretary of State

Stage 5 – Approval stage

  • DFE confirm funding agreement submission
  • Update formal registrations eg Exam Bodies, Information Commissioners Office (ICO)
  • New Financial systems tested and in place

Stage 6 – Launch of new status

  • New Academy opens
  • Administration tasks complete (update website), letterheads etc updated and formal release to press / stakeholders

For more information about Joining a Multi-Academy Trust, complete the form below or call Rachel Foster, HR Director, on 0844 967 1111.

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