Governor Clerking

Governor Clerking Service

One Education has many years’ experience of providing clerking services across all types of schools and academies.

As the focus on school leadership and governance by the DfE and Ofsted continues to increase, the value of a professional clerking service has been highlighted, particularly within inspections.

High Quality Governor Clerking Services

We provide a variety of high quality clerking services to meet your needs by delivering expert advice, guidance and administrative support on all matters of school governance.

We are experienced in providing clerking services to maintained schools, academy and Multi Academy Trust Boards, and for all governors meetings, including all committees and exclusion meetings.

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Key aspects of the One Education Clerking Service:

  • Experience – credible, respected and experienced clerks providing expert advice, guidance and administrative support to governing bodies.
  • Quality – supporting governors to meet the requirements of Ofsted and governance standards.
  • Independence - we provide the Governing Body with independent and objective advice and guidance in line with best practice.
  • Up to date knowledge - major changes are occurring at an ever increasing rate across education and school governance. Our clerking service is best placed to provide information and practical support to help guide a governing body through the changes.

The Clerk of the Governing Body will:

  • Convene and attend all scheduled governing body meetings
  • Provide pre-meeting agenda setting advice and guidance to the Headteacher / Chair of Governors / Principal / Committee Chairs
  • Provide written notice of meetings, agenda and related documentation, to all governing body members with at least a working week’s notice
  • Ensure accurate recording of compliant and best practice meeting minutes
  • Prepare and issue draft minutes for approval normally within two working weeks of the meeting
  • Advise the chairs, members and senior leaders on duties, compliance with statutory or other requirements, constitutional and procedural matters and best practice in governance
  • Circulate signed copies of minutes and supporting documents / papers after governing body meetings
  • Be a point of contact for governors and the Headteacher between meetings circulating information as required
  • Provide research and guidance tailored to the needs of the governing body including governance issues and self-evaluation
  • Maintain comprehensive records of proceedings, terms of reference, Trust policies, and other relevant documentation
  • Follow up and report back on regulatory and all minuted actions, statutory and recommended record keeping; including maintaining a register of pecuniary interests; a record of governor attendance and non attendance issues; and policy renewal in line with agreed standards and timescales (Ofsted, DfE and EFA)
  • Advise governors and appointing bodies of any expiring terms of office before the term expires
  • Ensure that new governors have access to appropriate information, documents and induction materials
  • Have access to appropriate legal advice, support and guidance.

Feedback from our customers, Ofsted and HMI

Customers regularly feedback to One Education on the high quality of the clerking service.  

We have received praise from HMI who noted the high quality of the minutes of a current IEB. 

Extracts from Ofsted reports for schools clerked by One Education include:  

  • 'The governing body, through an effective committee structure, successfully holds leaders to account for the school’s performance'
  • 'The governing body shows, through the minutes of meetings, that it provides a good level of support and challenge to school leaders'.

A National Leader of Governance gave feedback that since a school has started receiving Clerking support from One Education it is clear how much the standard of governance has improved.

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