School Equality Assessment

School Equality Assessment & Training

Is your school complying with its duties and responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010? Do your governors and staff know what behaviour is unlawful under the Act and how equality law applies to them?

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One Education’s HR team has extensive experience in assisting and advising schools in relation to equality matters and their obligations under the public sector equality duty and specific duties. In addition to supporting schools in relation to the day to day management of equality issues, our HR advisers can help schools to be proactive with regard to compliance with their statutory equality duties. This will, in turn, enable governors and senior leaders to face Ofsted inspections with confidence as far as equality matters are concerned.

School Equality Assessment

Our School Equality Assessments are undertaken by one of our HR Advisors specialising in equality law. They will visit your school and work through a detailed equality assessment document with the headteacher (or other nominated senior leader). The assessment is designed to help you evaluate how effectively your school is complying with its public sector equality duty, specific duties and other statutory equality obligations. It will also to help to identify any areas where action is needed.

The assessment is split into six key areas:

  • General equality considerations
  • School equality objectives
  • Disability issues
  • Pupil information
  • Staff information
  • Monitoring/reviewing arrangements

The school will be rated in relation to their compliance in each of these areas. Following completion of the assessment, a summary of the school’s compliance will be produced, and a list of agreed equality tasks and action points will be provided. The school will also be provided with a copy of our latest Model Equality Policy.

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School Staff Equality Training

We can provide School Equality Training to suit your school’s needs. General equality training can be provided to all school staff, and more detailed training can be delivered to your school leadership team, governors, or trust board. This will also cover your statutory responsibilities and the steps that you need to take to ensure compliance with the general and specific equality duties.

Caroline Coyle Headteacher, St Johns RC Primary Chorlton

"We have commissioned equality training from One Education on two occasions, once for our governors and once for our staff. The training provided was individually tailored to meet the needs of the audience and it was of excellent quality. It helped both the staff and governors to understand their legal requirements, but was delivered in an engaging way with actual examples of equality situations in schools which provoked interested discussion among the staff''

Further information

Discounted rates are available to schools who purchase our Equality Assessment and Training together.

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