Single Central Record (SCR)

Single Central Record Audit

Our Single Central Record audit includes an SCR specialist member of our HR team coming for a site visit to meet to your designated safeguarding officer, and any other persons responsible for maintaining & managing the SCR.

In depth discussions are held alongside an intensive review of your current systems and practices with the opportunity for you to ask questions and to receive practical advice and guidance. This is then followed up by an audit report which is sent to the Principal / Headteacher regarding the quality of data held on electronic and paper files, and the current practices in place.

Alongside the current findings, the report will outline any actions already taken with recommendations to ensure compliance with current legislation and Ofsted requirements.

Carol Harwood School Business Manager, The Heys Primary

"A big thank you to Evette for the audit on the school's SCR. The audit was really informative & the report was very conclusive. I am glad I asked her to do it as we then had a visit from Ofsted and the inspector commented on how good our process was and that I was very knowledgeable. I could not have done this with confidence if I had not had the audit from One Education."

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