Teachers’ Pay Policy Audit & Leadership Pay Review

Teachers’ Pay Policy Audit & Leadership Pay Review

Is your school complying with the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document?

Teachers’ pay has featured heavily in the media over the last several years, not least because of the introduction of performance related pay and the fact the DfE is leaving more and more pay decisions down to each school.

Schools (and academies that have adopted national terms and conditions) who do not comply with the requirements of the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD) may face challenges, including possible tribunal or legal action. In addition, Ofsted pay close attention to the management of teachers’ appraisal performance and the link that this has with pay progression.

It is therefore vital that schools are not only aware of the statutory requirements, but are able to utilise the relevant flexibilities and demonstrate how they are tailored to suit their individual school.

We have extensive experience in assisting and advising schools in relation to teachers’ pay, and leadership pay in schools and academies. In addition to our annual Model Teachers’ Pay Policy (please note, you will only be able to view this link if you have access to our HR resources) for schools to adopt, our advisers can also carry out a thorough and detailed audit of your pay policy and practices to ensure compliance with the STPCD, and to ensure good practice when it comes to reviewing teachers’ pay. We provide strategic advice and guidance on any establishment wanting to review their Individual School Range (ISR) with a view to altering leadership pay, and provide onsite training for governors and members of the School Leadership Team (SLT) who are involved in making pay decisions. 

Teachers’ Pay Policy Audit

How up to date and compliant is your Teachers’ Pay Policy?

It doesn’t matter whether you have adopted the pay policy from One Education or have your own policy; our Teachers' Pay Policy Audit will scrutinise the policy that your establishment has adopted, ensuring it is compliant with all statutory requirements, but also that it is personally tailored to reflect your school’s individual circumstances and needs.

The audit will involve one of our expert advisers working closely with you and undertaking a detailed audit of your school’s policy, with a view to providing a thorough and practical report, including recommendations for additions or amendments to ensure complete compliance and implementation.

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Leadership Pay Review

What support is available when reviewing your school’s Leadership Pay Range?

We understand that at times the level of change in education is vast; this is reflected in the increase in responsibility and additional resources placed on leadership teams, under which can necessitate a review of the Leadership Pay Range. The STPCD states that schools considering reviewing their Leadership Pay Range should consult an independent adviser to support the process.

Our advisers have an in depth working knowledge of leadership pay due to their exclusivity of working in the education sector. We can support schools and governing bodies in carrying out a review of their Individual School Range (ISR) and pay ranges for the leadership team.

An adviser will work alongside your governors and/or headteacher/principal to analyse your school’s current leadership structure, individual circumstances and any additional influences that may impact on the pay of your leadership team. A detailed report will be prepared and presented to the governors with recommendations for any potential changes.

Contact us now using the form below to discuss how we can support governors or headteachers/principals in conducting a review of the Leadership Pay Range or to arrange a review.


To ensure that your governors are fully equipped to sit on pay and/or appeal committees when reviewing teachers’ pay, we can provide training on all relevant aspects of teachers’ pay.

Further information

Discounts are available for schools who wish to have both a Teachers’ Pay Policy Audit and Leadership Pay Review together.

A template pay policy compliant with the current 2017 STPCD is also available for schools, please contact Helen Walsh using the form below, or on 0844 967 1112 for further information.