TUPE Support

TUPE Support for Schools & Academies

The TUPE regulations preserve employees' terms and conditions when a school or an academy transfer their employees to a new employer.

One Education HR provides essential guidance and support to schools and governing bodies on the requirements of the regulations and process of TUPE to ensure a seamless transfer.

It is essential that governing bodies, headteachers and principals are aware of their responsibilities to ensure that the requirements of TUPE regulations are met in a situation where employees are to be transferred from one employer to another.

Examples of when TUPE may apply:

  • When a school converts to an academy
  • When an academy joins a new sponsor
  • When a school or academy outsources a service such as their catering or cleaning provision to a contractor
  • When a school or academy chooses a different contractor to deliver a provision
  • The school or academy has certain responsibilities and must go through an often complex process to securely transfer staff across to a new employer.

These responsibilities include:

  • correctly identifying which staff should transfer
  • providing meaningful formal consultations with employees and their representatives
  • collating accurate information about the employees to be transferred
  • identifying if any ‘measures’ are appropriate
  • ensuring that employees transferring to another employer are provided with an appropriate pension scheme
  • negotiation of warranties and indemnities (applicable when outsourcing for the first time)

To discuss your requirements, or if you are unsure whether you may encounter a situation that requires the TUPE process, contact us using the form below.